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Review Move Series SUPER 18K K90 Game Of Thrones Weselion

Review move series super 18k k90 game of thrones weselion

Hello everyone! The magic brand – SUPER 18K has been continuously updated with new information since last week. Recently, the two dragons that everyone is more concerned about – Drogon and Weselion have been shipped separately. I chose Weselion to start. Is this set worth collecting? Check it out now! Package Painted style is very beautifulAt […]

Review TECHNIC MOC 39933 Lamborghini Centenario 1:8 Hypercar by T-Lego MOCBRICKLAND

Moc 39933 lamborghini centenario 1: 8 hypercar

Hello everyone, the “Virtual Review” brought by the editor today is the Supercar – MOC 39933 Lamborghini Centenario 1:8 Hypercar Basic information of this product: Brand Name : MOC Brick Land Model Number : 39933 Number of particles: 3789 PCS This MOC prototype is T-Lego’s MOC-39933 Unlike other domestic works, Shuangying won the author’s authorization this […]