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Review ZHEGAO QL0936 Rome Parisian Restaurant

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Hi everyone, today I will share a review ZHEGAO QL0936 Rome Parisian Restaurant! Although this is a street view building block, its floor size is not 32×32 (the number of bumps) of Lego-style street view, but 24×22; and it is a semi-closed structure, and you can directly see the inside of the street view from […]

Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build

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Today I will share a review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build PACKAGING There is carton packaging outside the color box. The color box takes the form of a heaven and earth cover. There are 3 small boxes in the color box. There are sub-package 1 and sub-package 2 in the small box No. 1. […]

Review MOC-6687 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

Review moc-6687 mercedes-benz amg c63

So what is DTM? Here, DTM is the abbreviation of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), which was originally called German Production Championship (DPM, German Production Championship). In 1986, the German Supreme Motorsport Association changed the name of DPM to GTCC (German Touring Car Championship). After that, German racing fans habitually referred to GTCC as DTM, […]