LEPIN is dead? Compare LEPIN with King and Queen

Lepin died new lepin lepin™ land

One of the biggest shocks to the toy market this summer was the departure of LEPIN.

The thing is that LEPIN has long taken its strong place in the market of high-quality Lego analogues, and the ability to buy great sets without overpaying for the Lego brand has endlessly delighted numerous buyers!

Now the fans of the designers are in shock: where to buy analog sets that are not inferior in quality and assortment to Lego, but much more affordable? No panic, friends! In fact, your opportunities have only expanded, and now we will explain how this happened.

Lepin died new lepin lepin™ land

Game sets: how Lepin multiplied on King and Queen.

It is rumored that Lepin began its existence thanks to a former Lego employee who was unfairly reduced. The dismissed worker seemed to be able to accurately reproduce the mold of the legendary brick in accordance with the Lego drawings and began production of an analog constructor that is fully compatible with any set of the “head” company. At the same time, the appearance of the sets, the colorfulness of their design and the assembly technology of the construction perfectly corresponded to the parameters of the Lego company.

And it is certainly known that ABS is the plastic from which the parts of designers are made – the Lego and Lepin factories bought from one supplier. The confrontation between the two companies reached its climax in 2017 when at a trade show in China, Lego’s technical director was unable to distinguish the set of Lepin from the Lego original.

Mr. Jerry director of the online store LEPINLAND.COM

We built, built …

Experienced “designers” need not recall how similar and compatible Lego and Lepin are in the smallest details (except, of course, price and corporate embossing) such popular sets as Ford Mustang GT 1967, Porsche 911 GT3 RS in classic orange design, or Harry Potter – Hogwarts Castle, which at one time cost crazy money, and is now discontinued by Lego and is only available in the Lepin version.

Of course, such a holiday could not last forever. In proportion to the growth of Lepin, legal pressure from Lego increased. As a result, the firm’s own ambitions and the copyright holder’s press led to the logical ending, which, in fact, became the new birth of Lepin.

Lepin queen 82008 lepin™ land

The reincarnation of Lepin 02008 in Queen 82008

Since July of this year in Europe, Lepin has been sold under two new names – King and Queen. The agreements reached by us in Shanghai have opened this opportunity for buyers in the global market. We are proud that we managed to achieve the status of a distributor of KING and QUEEN in EU, USA, which guarantees our customers high-quality purchases directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries, extra fees and other difficulties.

As part of our trip to China, we visited three plants of the MZ Smart holding, which includes Lepin. Among them is the XingBao factory, which produces its own designer sets of designers, rather than high-quality Lego replicas like Lepin. In addition, we visited the production and exhibition halls of other manufacturers of Lego analogues: Bela, Mould King, SY, Decool, Sembo, Kazi. Acquaintance with the samples of their products suggests that after the closure of the Lepin factory, technologies “flowed” outside MZ Smart. And today, a number of previously unprepossessing competitors Lepin have grown sharply in quality and can be quite adequately presented to our customers.

Mr. Jerry director of the online store LEPINLAND.COM

Lepin king 22001 lepin™ land

The reincarnation of Lepin 22001 in King 83038.

King and Queen  – so from now on and in the foreseeable future will be called sets, previously known as Lepin. Everything is as usual: perfect detailing, full compatibility with Lego, high-quality plastic, elegant packaging. The only change is in the articles and the logo on the boxes. An interesting marketing move was also the monochrome execution of the boxes of King sets at first. In addition to the designer, in this way, the buyer also received coloring. We bought a large batch of these first sets, without waiting for the designers to make new color packages. Now the manufacturer is returning to the traditional color box and they will gradually begin to enter the range, but sets in exclusively black and white packaging are also present in our store!

My serial number

A necessary addition! During the transition period from Lepin to King and Queen, the company’s products were exported in boxes without a company logo, or with any symbolic pictogram. This was done in order to avoid problems at customs, and a number of such unmarked boxes entered the EU and US market and the assortment of our store, respectively. Be sure of the identity of these kits!

Lepin lepin 05007 lepin™ land


Millennium Falcon from Lepin with different logos.

But inside there is the same Lepin, unmistakably recognizable by the five cherished numbers of the article. For example, for the legendary Hogwarts Castle, these numbers are 16052, and the WALL-E robot (from the original WALL-E) passes through the article 16003.

Lepin lepin 16003 lepin™ land

Wall-E by Lepin with and without a brand logo.

Compare Lepin product numbers


Model Queen Model Lepin
86021 01039
86027 01045
86050 01068
82006 02006
82008 02008
82009 02009
82013 02017
82014 02018
82026 02036
82031 02043
82035 02047
82038 02052
82053 02078
82071 02097
82085 02113
89008 06020
89009 06022
89037 06051
89043 06057
89049 06066
89064 06081
89066 06083
97006 14006
83037 16060
85002 25002
85006 25006
85007 25009
85012 25014
85014 25016


Model King Model Lepin
81009 05027
81029 05027
81030 05028
81037 05035
81039 05037
81043 05041
81044 05042
81061 05063
81067 05077
81085 05132
81090 05145
87025 07043
87041 07060
87068 07107
84001 15001
84002 15002
84003 15003
84004 15004
84005 15005
84006 15006
84007 15007
84008 15008
84009 15009
84010 15010
84011 15011
84028 15039
83001 16001
83002 16002
83003 16003
83004 16004
83005 16005
83006 16006
83008 16008
83009 16009
83014 16014
83015 16016
83028 16050
83029 16051
83034 16057
88002 17002
88003 17003
88004 17004
90001 20001
90002 20002
90004 20004
90005 20005
90010 20010
90015 20015
90038 20056
90056 20086
90066 20097
91001 21001
91002 21002
91023 21046
83038 22001
93001 23002
93004 23006
80013 37003

When buying products in our store, you can be completely sure of the quality of the sets. Our consultants work online without days off and break. They are always open to communication and will be able to advise you on any questions regarding the products presented in the assortment. Inside each constructor you will find numbered bags with details, this technical numbering was made by the manufacturer to check the completeness of the kit, and not to assemble the model! Detailed instructions are attached to each set, in which you will already find a step-by-step description of the assembly.

Have a great shopping!

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