Review LEPIN 07077 – The Ultimate Batmobile

Lepin 07077 - the ultimate batmobile

This is the Review LEPIN 07077 – The Ultimate Batmobile Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Florian Baumgaertner in Germany.

Since our junior has developed with just under 4 big interest in Lego, also with dad an old desire has come back to light. :angel:

As a result, some packages from Bela have arrived here in the last few days, which contain City Arctic models and are now waiting for Santa Claus. Likewise a Black Pearl, which then really infected me. However, I have not documented the structure there and a review is here already.

However, Dad wanted to build something already and has opted among others for the Ultimate Batmobile, which was here yesterday as the first of many other current sets arrived here. :paket:

Review lepin 07077 - the ultimate batmobile

The review will be completed gradually and maybe not very quickly because I set up the set with my junior. He is very interested in the little stones, but that is not always so easy :wave:

Let’s get to the set:
The bags are nicely numbered with the construction sections 1-8, after the example of the Danes (1 and 2 are missing on the picture):

Review lepin 07077 - the ultimate batmobile

As a result, only the stones that are needed are on the table so far. That was not the case with the Pearl.

First, the Bat symbol with the little bike, Robin (Cape is missing in the photo) and the evil Witch of the West:

Review lepin 07077 - the ultimate batmobile

Here are a lot of small Fummelarbeiten necessary, which is not easy for the very small, but we have done it, the folding mechanism of the bike is very smooth, but must still be actively moved.

In the next step, the hero hides the Gotham earned, including his Batmobile:

Review lepin 07077 - the ultimate batmobile
Review lepin 07077 - the ultimate batmobile

The quality of the set I think so far very good. The mini-figures are fully in order, as are the stickers. The construction process makes both of us a lot of fun and will be documented here if interested. Tomorrow the Batmobile will be finished, it will be missing the Battank and the Batwing.

If you are interested, as long as the sets eventually arrive here, I also like to introduce other sets of the Batman Movie series as well as not UCS Star Wars sets.


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