Review LEPIN 15008 – Green Grocer

Review lepin 15008 - green grocer

This is the LEPIN 15008 – Green Grocer Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Swen Brandt in Germany.

Review lepin 15008 - green grocer

So, here’s my illustrated review of the Green Grocer :)

The key data:

  • Ordered at Dream House
  • Delayed shipping due to Chinese holidays
  • Some bags have come packed in a big box
  • No customs (Austria)

Missing parts:

  • 1x DBG sextant
  • 1x LBG 1×2 plate

Quality of the stones
In general, I am very satisfied with the quality of the Lepin stones – nevertheless, it can often be found differences to Lego. For all the stones I had the feeling that the plastic used is a bit softer than that of Lego (which is not necessarily negative). This is perhaps also the reason that many stones – especially the tiles, which are used for floors and sidewalks – lack the “Lego-Glanz”; many of the parts look as if they were already slightly used. I’ve tried to point that out to some photos (that’s why they’re so horribly photographed against the light):

Review lepin 15008 - green grocer
Review lepin 15008 - green grocer
Review lepin 15008 - green grocer

I treated the parts like kid gloves, which means they definitely look like this right out of the box. This might look dramatic on the photos, but it does not really bother you. If you look at it from a “normal” angle, you really can not see it:

Review lepin 15008 - green grocer
Review lepin 15008 - green grocer
Review lepin 15008 - green grocer

I also had the already known problem that some of the hinges do not stick together well, but that did not affect the structural integrity of the house in the end. But apart from the hinges, I am 100% satisfied with the clamping force of the stones – even the 1×1 stones are completely trouble-free. The clamping strength is not as uniform as in Lego but is still clearly in the green for all stones.

I built the house on the two included plates. Although the panels are slightly thicker than Lego’s, the outer edges of the panels bend slightly upward when the house is finished – as you can see in the photo of the mini-figures later on. It hardly bothers me, but on occasion I might still take the time and rebuild the ground floor on original plates, maybe it can solve the problem with it.

In addition to the parts that were missing, unfortunately, I had a badly cast (deformed) 2×10-plate:

Review lepin 15008 - green grocer

Fortunately, I could easily replace the plate with one from my supply; for someone who can not do that, however, the deformation would be very annoying because you definitely could not use the record (I tried it). Even my attempts to bend the plate after a short bath in hot water, have failed miserably.

Spare Parts
I have the following parts left over:

Review lepin 15008 - green grocer


Review lepin 15008 - green grocer

I am completely satisfied with the quality – I have already received much worse from Pogo, Xinh, and Co. Nothing sits too loose or too tight and the print is well centered and has nice colors.

I followed the instructions of Lepin. Here you have to be careful, so that you do not confuse colors – the danger is especially dark gray/black and dark red/brown given (but I happened with the SSD with the correct Lego instructions also, so no thing). Sometimes the colors of the parts look different even in the same step – I noticed that especially with the hinges. This is where Lepin has added an intermediate step, in which the two halves of the hinges have to be put together; In at least one of these intermediate steps, the dark gray hinges are suddenly displayed in white or red. But it’s not a big problem, just do not let it confuse you and check again which color that should be. Otherwise, I have noticed no errors.

To buy! These are not Lego bricks, but the quality of the copy produced by Lepin is convincing. Would the thing at any time buy again – I have already ordered the next Modular ;)


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