Review LEPIN 20053 – Hatchback Type R (MOC)

Review lepin 20053 - hatchback type r (moc)

This is the LEPIN 20053 – Hatchback Type R (MOC) Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Andreas Lehmann in Germany.

Hello everybody,

as already announced, here is the review of the technology kit “20053” (Honda Civic S?). The set includes about 640 parts and is therefore rather a small set for in between. A special feature of this set, the original MOC is operated with a brick and Power Functions.

The normal components, as usual, were packed in plastic bags, except the Power Functions, these were packed in a zip bag. What immediately noticed, the bags were not numbered …

When unpacking the Power Functions I noticed that no brick was included, instead, a radio receiver was delivered. In total, the following Power Functions parts were delivered:

Review lepin 20053 - hatchback type r (moc)

* Battery, incl. Charger via USB (Yes, no batteries :prost: )
* Radio receiver
* Radio remote control
* LEDs
* Engine M
* Engine L
* Distributor to connect additional components
* Extension cable

All in all, the parts make a good impression except for the battery. Only the battery is a little dirty processed.

Review lepin 20053 - hatchback type r (moc)

After looking at the manual, something jumped right into my eye:
There is a regular guide that is slightly modified AND a supplementary sheet explaining where the radio receiver is installed. All in all, this guide is a disaster and, in my opinion, one of the worst manuals I’ve ever had of Lepin in my hands. In the manual itself, some steps have been summarized, which makes things unnecessarily complicated. Thus, on average, between 10 – 20 different parts are required per step, whereas the illustrations only show fractions of the installed parts.
In addition, one or the other figure is not displayed correctly and the parts overlap within the figure.

But … with a lot of imagination and patience, you get the steps.

Until construction 15 was the construction of the model ok, then the problems went off. The clamping force of load-bearing parts, which should, for example, hold the connector is cruel. With every little touch, the connector drops and needs to be refastened.

Also in construction step 21 (installation of the radio receiver), the construction is immature, the radio receiver is held by a single slope, which is attached to the left side of the receiver. Again, the clamping force is beyond good and evil! The result – Now not only the connector but also the radio receiver will be released.

Review lepin 20053 - hatchback type r (moc)

(The one pin that should hold the radio receiver – -)

Only the installation of the motors has hitherto been uncomplicated, these are attached with 2 or 3 plugs to the body and hold without problems!

Review lepin 20053 - hatchback type r (moc)
Review lepin 20053 - hatchback type r (moc)

Another problem with the radio receiver is that, because of the fact that the radio receiver must be wired, the space inside is scarce, which has the consequence that the adjacent seat by the radio receiver has little space.

-> .tbd.
The problem is with the cable, the model is simply not designed for the number of cables and therefore I will (have to) come up with something. Also regarding the clamping force of the Power Functions. Tonight it continues, I will also take a few extra pictures and set.

Until then! :prost:


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