Review MOC-6687 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

Review moc-6687 mercedes-benz amg c63

So what is DTM? Here, DTM is the abbreviation of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), which was originally called German Production Championship (DPM, German Production Championship). In 1986, the German Supreme Motorsport Association changed the name of DPM to GTCC (German Touring Car Championship). After that, German racing fans habitually referred to GTCC as DTM, so that the name of DTM gradually replaced GTCC and became famous in the world. In the international racing classification, DTM belongs to the Class-I race and is currently the only Class-I touring car race in the world. It allows the highest technical standards and the largest modification range. It is known as “F1 with touring car shell” The famous world Formula One champion Schumacher is a typical example of being promoted to Formula One by DTM.

640 1 1 lepin™ land shop


First look at the box photo. This is an AMG C63 Coupe DTM. The printing style on the black background highlights the vividness of the pattern. The whole car has a white background and the body is covered with sponsor LOGO. The 2270 pieces of parts are also considered a relatively large suit.

640 lepin™ land shop

The back looks more dominating than the front face

640 2 lepin™ land shop

Display of possible parts

640 3 lepin™ land shop

640 4 lepin™ land shop

Nearly half a meter in length, it is another cabinet killer

640 5 lepin™ land shop


After opening the box, there is no inner box inside, a total of 6 sub-packages directly

640 6 lepin™ land shop

A pack of common parts (3 commonly used latches) and a carton (wheel skin and hub parts)

640 7 lepin™ land shop

Public package latch

640 8 lepin™ land shop

The quality is excellent. First pack

640 10 lepin™ land shop

As always, the parts are worthy of high bricks

640 11 lepin™ land shop

The first package completes the assembly of the front and rear axles

640 12 lepin™ land shop

Second pack

640 13 lepin™ land shop

The cab is partially completed, and there is no design of the passenger seat. That position should be where the power version battery is placed, and I will fight the blue C63 power version later.

640 14 lepin™ land shop

640 15 lepin™ land shop

Third pack

640 16 lepin™ land shop

640 17 lepin™ land shop

I like the spelling of the roll cage, it’s very strong

640 18 lepin™ land shop

Subcontract four

640 19 lepin™ land shop

Complete the doors on both sides and the surrounding part of the aerodynamic kit. The assembly skills are a bit complicated. Fortunately, the manual is very friendly and can clearly see the specific landing points. As long as you don’t use the wrong parts when you assemble, especially the cross shaft The length must be compared with the 1:1 comparison chart in the manual before starting

640 20 lepin™ land shop

Subcontract five

640 21 lepin™ land shop

640 22 lepin™ land shop

640 23 1 lepin™ land shop

I won the prize here. This exterior part should have a left and right structure. Now I got the same side parts. Temporarily missing one piece, although it affects the beauty, but does not affect the structure, we can still continue to fight

640 24 lepin™ land shop

640 25 lepin™ land shop

The body is fully completed

640 26 lepin™ land shop

Take out the wheel hub and wheel skin, there are also electroplated wheel hub decorations inside

640 27 lepin™ land shop

The quality is very good and the results are very satisfactory

640 28 lepin™ land shop

Electroplated rims, the two hoses used in the wheel eyebrows are slightly monotonous

640 30 lepin™ land shop

I really like the way this taillight is handled640 31 lepin™ land shop

When this tweet was posted, the blue C63 was also completed, let’s take a look at it640 32 lepin™ land shop

There are some differences between these two models, I will put them in the blue C63 tweet to explain to everyone

640 33 lepin™ land shop

That’s it for today’s content, thank you for your attention!

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