Review Move Series SUPER 18K K90 Game Of Thrones Weselion

Review Move Series SUPER 18K K90 Game Of Thrones Weselion

Hello everyone!

The magic brand – SUPER 18K has been continuously updated with new information since last week. Recently, the two dragons that everyone is more concerned about – Drogon and Weselion have been shipped separately. I chose Weselion to start.

Is this set worth collecting? Check it out now!


Painted style is very beautifulAt the bottom right there is a finished size chart, the maximum width is 102cm! The length is also 90cm…Before you really decide to start, you have to check if there is any place to put…

There are only some simple details on the back.
2 inner boxes of different sizes.


The assembly instructions are fairly clear.

There are 2 sheets of paper in it,
 These are the precautions during assembly and a correction page.

Parts package

 There are a total of 6 steps in subcontracting, but not all the parts needed in the steps are in this subcontracting… I made it many times that I was missing parts

Super huge wings, the material is fabric, the quality is very good.
 There are also hollow tubes, solid tubes, and minifigures.

Assembly process

The end of the subcontract, you will find that there are not enough parts.

After the subcontracting is completed, there will be a lot of remaining parts to accompany you until the end
 if you put it here, you will find it difficult to put it on because the bottom of the piece below does not have enough support.
 The solution is just like this…
At this stage, everyone may feel hungry…
The neck is one by one through the solid and hollow tube.
 Just put it on the plate and start eating! …wrong! !
After the troublesome assembly of the tail, because the solid tube is too slippery, the huge and great Vesselion is completed!

International practice, first look at the minifigures


Multi-faceted photos of finished products
 The finished product is very huge and it also has a feeling of flying.
 The back is full of “dragon scales”.
Once the legs break down, don’t feel another way
 It feels like a fire dragon in a monster hunter.



The structure of the head seems to be less stable when assembled, but the actual performance is quite strong.
 Will friends with an intensive phobia feel uncomfortable seeing these?
 The Night King stood on his back like this.
 It’s a restoration of the stills

“Chest hair” is all transparent blue.
 The abdomen uses a tube for internal structure, so it can show the curvature.
 The support frame feels too weak chicken…
Wings can still have limited activity.
 Inside the tail is a 51cm long solid tube. Because the surface is too slippery and so thin that it is difficult to grasp, this part has been spelled for a long time…

Compare with Drogon version

 Do you want to buy this kind of performance? Buy Drogon or Weselion?
 Can you get inspiration from this look?

to sum up

 1 )Overall
  Theme and finished product size are unique. After reading the tweet, the friends you like should be able to decide whether to start?
 2) Components
 Almost all of the main parts are produced with high bricks, and the quality is guaranteed. The step subcontracting is strange, and it is easy to make people think that it is a large-scale missing piece.
 3) Design
 Since I haven’t compared the original version, I’m not sure if any changes have been made. During the assembling process, there were several problems such as insufficient support as pointed out above. Although it does not constitute assembly failure, it has an impact on the smoothness of the assembly.Since there is currently no product of the same type on the market in Weselion, it is estimated that it can attract many friends without any major problems.

<You can check in here to buy Weselion or check here to buy Drogon >

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