Review TECHNIC MOC 39933 Lamborghini Centenario 1:8 Hypercar by T-Lego MOCBRICKLAND

MOC 39933 Lamborghini Centenario 1: 8 hypercar

Hello everyone, the “Virtual Review” brought by the editor today is the Supercar – MOC 39933 Lamborghini Centenario 1:8 Hypercar

Basic information of this product:

  • Brand Name : MOC Brick Land
  • Model Number : 39933
  • Number of particles: 3789 PCS

This MOC prototype is T-Lego’s MOC-39933

Unlike other domestic works, Shuangying won the author’s authorization this time, but only authorized the mass production of this style moc work. So, there are no cows on the stickers, only eagles!

* There are more than one hundred pictures, everyone pays attention to traffic.

Popular science

Centennial Bull: At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show that opened in March, Lamborghini officially released the Centenario model. The new car was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini. It is understood that the car will be limited to 40 units, including 20 hard-top versions and 20 convertible versions. In Italian, Centenario means “centennial”, which is equivalent to “centennial” in English.

There is enough nonsense, let’s watch the movie, let’s go!

Box photos

3789 pcs. The outer box is packed with “World and Earth Cover”. In the lower right corner is the signature of the designer (T-Lego), 1 to 8 large building block car

Behind the details. The rear of this car

One of the best factories in China


6 inner boxes that look like the front of a century-old cow

Here are 6 sequential boxes. Magical things will appear later.

Box 6 contains wheels and tires, as well as universal bolts.

Isn’t it familiar? Yes, it’s Bugatti. (After consulting the manufacturer, it turned out that the author T-Lego’s own wheel was 3D printed, and the Bugatti wheel was used in the manual, so it can be said that this is the original wheel, and the author has MOC)

The instructions and stickers are individually packaged, as well as a technology starter.

4 This manual, because the editor is the [Beta version], so there are too many errors in the manual, it is basically impossible to count.

Author’s confession

The printing quality of the stickers is average, but in fact everyone looks good even if they are not posted.

There is a sequence description, but it is strange.

The common parts in the No. 6 bag, so this bag must be removed first.

The wheels look good

Building process

Do you think you will open No.01 inner box first? Wrong, first open 02, which is the digital package No. 1.

You can spell it in the order of the digital packets.

There are already a lot of gears in the rear axle

Use unilateral double suspension

There is a very special part of the gearbox, which uses a track

Of course, everyone remembers! !!

In the drawing, the red long plug with a cross is inserted completely. This is wrong and can only be inserted in one grid.

There will be problems with all fits in the future!

In the No.1 box, there are 2 and 4 digital packets, magical, anyway, as long as you put it in numerical order, there is no problem

v12 engine

Remember to test the smoothness

The V12 and the long English in the sticker are attached to the hood here.

Don’t ask why the editor wants to remind the red long plug not to plugin

In the No.3 box, there are 3 and 8 digital packets.

Not to mention that the original drawings are good, domestic manufacturers will optimize the drawings.

As the editor said before, there are too many errors in the internal beta version of the manual, and the editor used MOC-39933 original drawings to spell it. I can’t really fight it here, but again I clicked on the manual, there are optimizations, very it is good.


This shrinking effect is really joyful


The steering wheel can of course be linked.


This bucket chair has a beautiful color scheme. The only problem is that because the bricks are loose, the headrest will be loose and will swing left and right.

Of course, I haven’t been in this real car, and I don’t know if the headrest can move around.

Very very special, with throttle and brake

Red long plug, after a loss, the editor here has not been plugged in.


The construction of the instrument panel is also wonderful, connected with a smooth surface, but there is no fulcrum when pressed, which is a test of everyone’s ability.


The whole subject is almost the same.


Universal joint, pre-installed. This is an absolute bonus! ! ! ! ! ! ! It is hoped that all the manufacturers who are out of the technology group can pre-install the universal joint.


The three parts are assembled first and then combined.

Front axle

Remember to test whether the upper gear controls the smooth steering


Only after the smooth flow, the combination is carried out.


The most spoilers are most concerned about this tail spoiler.

After consultation, this is: “color printing process”, not painted.

Front decorative frame

Rear parts

The expansion and contraction of the tail depends on the position of the No. 4 cross shaft. If you leave more points, it will rise to a higher point, but it may fall off.

Appearance parts, only if there is a 2-point connection of the board, and the snapping force of the click is not too tight, the blue on both sides is very easy to fall off.

Most of the car body is completed, then you should test the problems such as linkage.

The front of the most combat-sense car.

These two 6-sided angles must be like this, which is very difficult. Anyway, you must be careful when you see the turntable or the 6-angle type.

Originally looking at the photos, I thought the headlights were so small, they were made of sausage. The result is made with ribs. If you have other colors in your house, you can change them. For example, red, the combat power soars by 30%

This cute suitcase should be sent. Famous cars like to send things, just like RR to send umbrellas, Mercedes-Benz to send medical bags, and Lexus to send sales. . . .

The appearance of the car body will complete a lap first

So it’s time to start putting together a variety of blue looks

This step, the manual is here, but! ! ! !

In the next connection, there is also a 13th hole arm and 2 short pins with balls. Pay attention

The most recognizable engine cover

The door, the sticker quality is average, but also too large, plus the editor’s ancestral stickers are crooked.

Because the car body is too heavy! ! ! The side skirts of the lower bar are completely attached to the ground, so I can only install the wheels first

The clicked curved technology panel is glossy and cute.

With net parts


Virtual evaluation

360 degree display of finished products

Finished product size: 59*25*13, unit: cm


Caliper sticker is a bit longer

This gear is used to control vehicle steering

Since the manual does not specify the location of these car logos, everyone can post it.

The suitcase is composed of two parts, but only two points are connected, so stick the middle with a sticker and it will be tight. Haha

Perspective in the car.


Look at the throttle and brake again, because it is rare.


This is the long hole arm that just said one step less

Y-shaped headlight

Pin-shaped exhaust, concentrated resonance, one-foot throttle, real car will hear the sound of money

This blue is very nice.

The door is controlled by the gear after the cover is opened

The side skirts are fully attached to the ground. So no need to wait for the dynamic, haha.

See, the headrest on the right will move, automatically tracking the head system? Keep with other cars

Author T-Lego also included Lego Sian

Fat editor summary:

Star rating is just my personal opinion  (Highest 5 points)

Appearance: 5

Difficulty: 5

Structure: 4

Brick quality: 4.5

Color difference: no

Glitch: no

Recommended purchase level: 4.5

First summarize the need to pay attention to the situation:

Since the editor is the beta version, the summary is meaningless, because the official version you bought, the manual will be greatly changed.

 First of all, in appearance, there is no doubt that it is a handsome Lamborghini.
 In terms of bricks, the editor will give full marks, why the brand is called click, because all the pins, when pressed tightly, will emit a crisp “click” sound, making the match very feel.
 But on the base brick, there is a logo printed on it, the brand sense is super strong.
 Assembly difficulty, I will not speak cracking ride Niece instructions too many errors, small series with the original author of the drawings is assembled, it is very difficult for the novice no technology group built, it should be no way complete.
 But Xiao Bian over the corresponding cracking take instructions, there are many super difficult positions, cracking ride are optimized, so that the difficulty of assembling decline. like!
 The blue edge of the rear spoiler is also a very hearty part, and everyone should be very rare. This is definitely worth buying.
 This car, which is handsome and explosive, must be purchased for the friends who want to challenge themselves, and the appearance party must also be purchased.
 The editor thinks it’s better than the color difference!

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