Review XINGBAO Camper XB-08003

Review xingbao camper xb-08003

This is the XINGBAO Camper XB-08003 Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Jalen Weimann in the United States

Nowadays, there are many brands of Lego-style building blocks, and their quality is also uneven. What’s more, there are a lot of “reproductions” of MOC new and old SET under the slogan of “welfare players”. There is no copyright awareness at all. But there are also manufacturers of original building blocks in China, but there are few good works. At the end of April and early May this year, Starbucks blocks were born, and the main author signed a contract with MOC, and in a series of launches, there was a strong Chinese-style street scene of Dimo culture, as well as animated aliens, the city of the sky and other anime films and television works. The writer was also very anxious. Finally, I recently started Starbucks RV No. XB-08003. It has been a few weeks, but because I had been to the CJ before, I was delayed for several days. Take advantage of the free time at night, stay up all night, during the rain and rain, slag Tumo spray.

Reviewxingbaocamperxb 08003 9 lepin™ land

The packaging of Star Castle is still quite large. The SET on the front seal is especially highlighted to show the difference from the background. The words “Author’s Genuine Sale Rights” are printed in the upper right corner, indicating that it is not a West Bay product, but it has been licensed by the author. Infringement must be investigated. The inner box is still an envelope in the shape of a zigzag, with a manual in the middle, and a full “bag” on the bottom. Not much on the picture.

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The instructions were hundreds of pages, and the paper was quite thick. The front and back sides are printed with the finished product picture, the author ’s signature, and the detailed display. What I want to say is that although it is more exquisite, whether it is the packaging or the instruction manual, the color tone is a bit light, not the kind that makes people look bright Full vibrant colors.

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The inside page of the note is printed with a bilingual Chinese and English author profile, a Jordanian. He also made the ice cream truck released by Starbucks before, so the color matching style is quite uniform. In addition, the sticker is still sealed on the first page. This SET is mostly printed and electroplated, and there are fewer places to use the sticker (just a mirror, a picture sticker and two fire extinguisher signs).

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The total number of bricks is 2436 particles. There are a total of ten large packages (which have been subcontracted), but each large package has N small packages. I checked and found that there are about 48 packages. It contains an unidentified spare package (that is, if there are missing parts during the assembly process, don’t worry about the replacement parts first, you can see if there are any spare parts in the assembly. I found some small items in the assembly through this package ). It is also worth noting that numbers 6 and 9 have been specially treated, so they are not afraid of being indistinguishable.

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The layout of each package’s specific parts is not shown in the picture. Let’s briefly talk about the finished products in each big step: first is the first big package, the finished product is the chassis and driver’s seat. When fully assembled, it should be comparable to MOC’s idea sedan series. A large number of electroplated parts are used at the bottom of the body, and the bite between the bricks is moderate, and it will not be too loose or too tight.

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The steering wheel is very large, and the minifigures will feel a bit like children driving a bumper car. In addition, if the instrument panel can be printed, it is even better.

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The rear large bags are equipped with door and front window glass respectively. The transparent parts are well received. Because they are separate pouches, there are no scratches. The internal treatment is also very clean, and there will be no impurity doping.

Reviewxingbaocamperxb 08003 19 lepin™ land

The whole body is red and white. The quality of the white brick is quite good. There is no unknown black spot or debris in a certain brand of white brick that I have played before. The color is relatively positive. There is no yellowing in white. The treatment of electroplated parts is relatively uniform, and there are no mysterious protrusions at the corners.

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The “baffle” behind the car bottom is actually two hoses. When inserting it, it should be noted that because the two do not fit well (the tube head is thicker), they need to be cut with scissors pins. But in general, it does not affect the thoroughness.

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At the bottom of the body there will be a hook for the hook-up of the RV:

Xingbaocamperxb 08003 15 lepin™ land

After the finished product display: the front cover of the car, the car baffle plate, and the wheels, mirrors, etc., all used electroplated parts. And with a white body and red interior, well, it is still quite “handsome”.

Xingbaocamperxb 08003 14 lepin™ land

The license plate is printed, and the front part is decorated with katana and horns. In terms of movement, in addition to the normal cart, the door can be opened all the way to the front, and the top cover of the front of the car can also be raised to see the engine. And so on.

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Reviewxingbaocamperxb 08003 16 lepin™ land

The figure of the minifigures sitting up is a bit out of sync (you know, this is the proportion of adults). . .

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Xingbaocamperxb 08003 1 lepin™ land

Let’s talk nonsense, and then the caravan (the fifth pack when it was here) is still the base part, and there are no special pieces:

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The sixth pack is then spelled out: After laying the grate floor of the RV, the general layout of each room has begun to appear:

Reviewxingbaocamperxb 08003 6 lepin™ land

The cabinets on the top of the kitchen, the omelette on the gas stove are full of details.

Reviewxingbaocamperxb 08003 17 lepin™ land

In addition to the living area, flowers are placed in the middle of the side wall of the RV, which is quite petty.

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As you can see in the picture below, the interior of the RV is mainly divided into a rest area (a three-piece sofa on the left, and plants and fans are placed on the side), a kitchen in the middle (where there are dishes and cooking), and a small independent area on the right The room is actually a bathroom, and the outer wall can be used as a powder room. There are also flowers at the far right corridor. I really want to own such a RV after the fight.

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FINALLY thanks LepinLand for giving me a great product


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