Review Zhegao QL0919 The Corner Mall

Review Zhegao QL0919 The Corner Mall

This is the Zhegao QL0919 The Corner Mall Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Tobias Lowe in Germany.

Hello everyone!
Today we will look at Street View series. This set is the same as QL0924 from the foreign organization “BrickAtive” (hereinafter referred to as BA). The original version is “Victor’s Lab” (Victor’s Lab).
What will happen this time? Let’s take a look now!
【Box photos】
It feels very good to use the most advanced packaging of Zhegao!
There are some detailed drawings on the back of the box, as well as combination drawings with other models of the same series.
There are 3 inner boxes respectively.
Each box has a complete drawing of the parts in that box.
Compared with the luxurious packaging, the specification changes the grade back to the general level at a glance …
The gloss of the parts is quite high, and the bottom plate can reflect the hand I am pointing!
Inside the inner box 1 are steps 1-3.
【Assembly process】
From the gap between the parts, it can be seen that the work deviation control of the board is not ideal, and the flatness can also be felt at the reflective place.
The 1×6 hole plate on the shelf can’t hold the legs of the baby, so it can’t be tightened.
One of the puppets on the window is not fixed, so you need to add a 2×2 board …
Inner box 2 is steps 4-6, and there are 2 shared packages.
There was a problem in assembling this short ladder. Under the understanding, it was found that the clip had interfered.
The solution is to move the clip to the middle …
Inner box 3 is steps 7-9, and there are also 2 shared packages.
In this sub-package, there are obviously 2×10 boards, but I still continue to use 2 boards to assemble, I feel not rigorous enough.
After finishing this side canopy, there are still a lot of pieces left, don’t think it is a prize, this is just a little cleverness played by the manufacturer …
Because it will be used in the next step upon completion, it was found that there was a violation on the back door.
There are just 4 1×1 bevel bricks left, just use it like this …
Get it done ~
[International practice, let ’s look at the minifigures first]
The minifigures are original pieces except for the head, and the arm joints are a bit loose.
I asked the group for a moment what the four words we can use words to describe this young man, but it finally jumped out Dilly Reba …
By the way also to Coulee Nazha
【Multi-faceted photos of finished products】
The appearance of the finished product is pretty good, but note that the steering position is not in the “normal” place.
BA is very good at controlling details.
The transparent parts are not transparent enough, and they also have small holes.
The gloss reflects the brick wall is very flat, praise one!
Where the SNOT structure is widely used, it can be seen that the work gap is still insufficient.
The design uses various parts of different shapes to outline the details, which is quite beautiful.
Canopy composed of more than 100 1×1 slope bricks …
The frosted grains on the surface of inclined bricks of various specifications are inconsistent, which affects the look and feel.
There is a telescope in the attic, but unfortunately, there is no easy detachable design on the top, basically, it is impossible to play with.
【Layered Structure】
First look at this brand new design on the second floor.
The outer wall can be opened like this! The main reason is to enable the authorities to play.
Next, look at the layout of each layer.
The second floor is mainly a laboratory where you can see various special interiors.
At the corner is a writing desk.
On the other side is the easy-to-detach external wall. Can you see the bedroom and the bathroom?
What does it mean to have a sausage next to the toilet? Could this laboratory be a hostess? (Big mistake bed can be folded.
Flexible use of limited space!
There is a clothing store on the first floor and a passageway on the other side.
The corner gate leads directly to the second floor.
The outer wall of the clothing store is easily detachable.
The interior is extremely rich.
There is also a piece of clothes assembled from parts hanging on the wall!
There is an iron gate in front of the passage.
Can be opened casually ~
It’s super nice to put together with QL0924 old pub!
How can this scene not take some minifigures out and take more pictures?
【to sum up】
The work of the BA team is already a guarantee. The gorgeous appearance and rich details are basically good things that street view lovers can’t resist. The structure will not be simply stacked from bottom to top. A variety of interesting construction methods will also make everyone enjoy the assembly process.
As for the parts, the gloss is very good, and there is no obvious dust on the parts when assembling. However, some parts are too loose, which affects the smoothness of assembly. The chromatic aberration of the parts only appears on the small chair on the second floor. Not much to say about the minifigures, I believe everyone will judge for themselves.
The manual is okay, but some places will not be clear due to angle problems.
Overall, the completeness of Zhegao’s set is higher than that of QL0924 old pub. If you don’t consider the style, this set will be more “comfortable” in the case of choosing one of the two.

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