Review ZHEGAO QL0922 European Mall

Review zhegao ql0922 european mall

This is the ZHEGAO QL0922 European Mall Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Krzysztof Preiß in Germany.

Hello everyone!
The set I want to see today is a street view launched by ZHEGAO years ago. It is a European-style mall with only 2,000 parts.
 If you have any research on street scenes move abroad, you should have seen this one too.
This set was designed by Inyong in 2016 and is called WEDDING HALL (wedding hall), and it was modified from the MOC 10211 set, which is very powerful! However, everyone understands that there are restrictions on parts within the kit, which will have a lot of impact on the structure. Will it be different after it is commercialized? Check it out now!
【Box photos】
The number of parts is only 2039 pieces, so the packaging box is smaller than the QL0919 and QL0924 seen before. But I do n’t know why the name changed from the wedding hall to the European mall …
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
The back of the box occupies the most space is the street scene photos combined with other styles.
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
There are 3 inner boxes, and printing is very beautiful.
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
【Parts package】
A base plate.
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall There are a total of 8 steps in the package, box 1 is as follows. (Package 3 has only a part)
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
The representative Minifigures of this set are heavy makeup sanitation, curly hair Angelababy, and cute Su Youpeng2 02 lepin™ land
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
A structure that cannot be assembled “freehand” is found here.Review zhegao ql0922 european mall Vigorously miracle!
The parts were plugged badly, the scene was tragic …
Bad parts were encountered in Subcontract 2.
I found the missing parts in the end, but it was put in the No. 2 box … The packaging should be improved. Hello …
The contents of Box 2. Subcontract 7 is also incomplete, and the rest is in Box 3. The color-difference parts are fortunately used in hidden places and are difficult to see.
There are interference pieces found here, and it is difficult for the clip to hold the cup firmly.
10211 was the product of 2010. At that time, there was only the clip on the right side of the picture below, so it was originally unsolvable. However, Lego later changed the clip to the style on the left of the picture below, and the compatibility was greatly enhanced.
The most amazing thing is that the new version of the clip can be found in the following sub-package, that is, there are 2 different clips in this set …
Although there is still a conflict with the new version of the clip, at least it will not pop up …
Lepin™ landThe clarity of the transparent barrel-shaped piece is very low … lower than the diamond above …Lepin™ land
Here I found that the diameter of the hose is a little larger, and it is extremely difficult to pass through the hole of the part.
Lepin™ landI thought it would be better to cut off some of my head, but I was still naive …
Lepin™ landCan’t move at all!
This is the only way out of anger …
Lepin™ landAre you afraid? Unfortunately, it was later found that the extra part was not useful at all and could be shortened directly …2 05 lepin™ land2 05 lepin™ land2 05 lepin™ land
Lepin™ landIt’s box three, and it’s the most pleasant (horrifying) part …
Illegal assembly 【一】
The “handle” above keeps falling …
Lepin™ land
Illegal assembly 【二】
The 1×2 on both sides is not stable at all, okay!
It took a long time to see what these 2 “discs” are …
There are interference pieces …
Next is the most powerful place of the whole set! The original design was limited by the parts in the sleeve, so it was forced to help make this extremely fragile structure. But ZHEGAO restored it perfectly, and the looseness of the individual parts made the assembly difficulty of this part rise to a terrible level.2 05 lepin™ land

Extremely unstable structure … 2 05 lepin™ land(and mixed color …)

The box outside is directly attached! There is nothing fixed at all! But it ’s magically not loose …
This “bell” can’t be made into a cover …
The reason is that this hose is too stubborn be it…
After all the hard work (? ) Finally got it!
[International practice, let ’s look at the minifigures first]
I do n’t know if it ’s because I watched a lot of Minifigures and suddenly found it magical …
Briefly introduce them below:
From left to right: Angelababy with curly hair, Su Mengpeng with dumb hair, Xiao Zhan with the white version, Sanitation with heavy makeup, Reba
Lepin™ land
Multi-faceted photos of finished products】
The appearance is ordinary from the current aesthetic point of view.
Because it is an in-case change, it is motley when viewed from the side.
More on the back …2 05 lepin™ landLepin™ land
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
It is a sign made from Wedding’s “WED”, but because the internal structure is mostly single-point connection, and the part has a loose bite, it looks skewed.
Lepin™ land The revolving door is very smooth.
Lepin™ land The transparent window pieces all carry round holes.
Lepin™ land It is quite good to use the department store’s parts to change to this.
Lepin™ land The floor behind the first floor there is actually like being squashed roller small yellow people dead body tiles!Lepin™ land
The back is ugly …
Lepin™ land
【Interior part】
There is nothing above the roof.
Floor plan on the third floor.
This pattern is like eating a buffet?
Floor plan of the second floor.
The dining tables are on this floor.
Lepin™ land Ground floor plan.
Lepin™ land It is the same place there is a toilet inside.
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
Together with the level of QL0924, it is completely compared …
Review zhegao ql0922 european mall
【to sum up】
The original work was modified from the 10,211 sets of Lego. Can this set be reversed back to the department store? From the comparison of the total number of parts, this set of parts (2039 pieces) is more than 100 pieces less than 10211 (2182 pieces), and there are not many parts (or no less …) after the completion of the assembly, so there should be no way to “reverse”. Besides, there is no parts list in the manual. Even if you want to make up for the debt, there is no easy way …
On the whole, it is a failure to turn this set into a product directly. The defects caused by the limitations of the original work were copied completely, but the quality of the parts, especially the poor engagement, made the assembly experience very bad.
There is some very obvious and low-level parts interference in the kit. Do you want to keep the original taste or have no desire?
The finished product in the kit has to endure the problem of parts limitation, but it cannot be changed back to the original version. What can I say other than disappointment…

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