Review ZHEGAO QL0924 Old pub

Review zhegao ql0924 old pub

This is the ZHEGAO QL0924 Old pub Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Herr Vitali Feldmann in Germany.

Hello everyone!
Today I will bring you the latest STREET VIEW (Street View) series, the old pub. This original design is from the famous “BrickAtive” (abbreviated as ba) team abroad, so the information has been attracted attention by fans.
How will this set perform? Can you bring the shock of ba team design? Let’s take a look at it ~

【Box photos】

The overall feeling should be the best-looking design among all Zhegao products.
It is also worth noting that this series used original Minifigures for the first time.
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
On the back are the details of the kit and the series of persuasion charts.
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
There are 3 inner boxes in total, the design creativity is very good!
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
The other side of the inner box is printed with the completed picture of the sub-box, which is very innovative! Unfortunately, the parts package in the box is not placed in this order, wasting such a good idea …
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub


Compared to the tall packaging, the instructions appear to below. Moreover, the color difference between the picture and the actual object is extremely serious. With the gray-scale step processing and strange assembly steps, the assembly process becomes extremely difficult2 05 lepin™ land shop


Very “bargain” packaging method …
But the quality is good!


A 32×32 baseplate, great quality!
Lepin™ land shop
Shared package.
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Subcontract one.
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub

【Assembly process】

From the beginning, fight for the Minifigures. The original Minifigures are divided into many parts, so at first glance, it looks like a dismembered murder scene.U1f602 lepin™ land shop
The pictures in the manual are too small to see exactly which facial expression matches which body, so I ’m free to play …Lepin™ land shop
With more elbow joints, there are more shapes that the Minifigures can pose! It’s a pity that the elbow is not properly engaged, and it will fall off easily. It is even more impossible to take too many things, otherwise, you can’t lift it…Lepin™ land shop
Besides, if the head is too tight, in addition to not being able to put on the hair, it also makes the child become quite “scratched” …Lepin™ land shop
Then officially began to assemble. After putting together a sub-package, the fingers are all white powder, is it caused by a lot of dust on the surface of the parts?Lepin™ land shop
Subcontract II.Lepin™ land shop
The prints here have become ordinary ones.
After spelling, I found that there are remaining pieces. I want to check if it is misspelled. The instructions processed by the grayscale are stumped … so I will continue to spell it first …Lepin™ land shop
Subcontract three.
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
This set of prints appeared normally again! Did you win the prize in the end?
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
The 1×6 pieces here are all wrong! At first, I thought it was the color difference of the manual, and I found it for a long time2 05 lepin™ land shop.
Lepin™ land shopSubcontract four.
Subcontract five.
There is a problem with the two-to-one piece.
A closer look at the instruction manual reveals that there were special instructions.
If not specified, use this one on the left. (I don’t know why not replace them all with the right one? Is it structurally acceptable? )Lepin™ land shop
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Sub-pack 6 (accidentally mixed into sub-pack 9 … all blame them all in the same inner box)
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
There are two versions of parts found here. Fortunately, this time it does not affect the structure and can be used casually.
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Subcontract seven.Lepin™ land shop
The flexible shaft is one unit longer, so it looks weird.Lepin™ land shop
Subcontract eight.Lepin™ land shop
Two turned pieces loose into dogs … Fighting is particularly hard2 05 lepin™ land shopLepin™ land shop
Subcontract nine.Lepin™ land shop
Here, the original out-of-print parts are replaced. It does n’t have much effect to replace them as decorative parts.Lepin™ land shop
All the 2×2 corner bevel bricks are not frosted and look awkward.
It’s finally done, and it took almost 10 hours …2 05 lepin™ land shop

[International practice, let ’s look at the Minifigures first]

The original Minifigures looked weird and was not very used to it.Lepin™ land shop
Behind the foot is the legendary “stealing leg”!Lepin™ land shop
Inherent accessories can be used.Lepin™ land shopLepin™ land shop

【Multi-faceted photos of finished products】

Although the assembly process is a bit painful, the finished product is so handsome that you must praise it!
Lepin™ land shopDetails】
Of course, such beautiful products will take a few more photos ~Lepin™ land shop
The sticker on the signboard of the pub is out of sight …
Hidden organs in cash machines!
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
It’s a pity that there is no coin, so it’s a waste …
Lepin™ land shopRezko’s transparent windows all have a dot in the middle, which is very strange.
Lepin™ land shopThis replacement idea is good, but why not fix it …

【Interior part】

In addition to the original design that can be opened in layers, the external walls of each room are also easy to detach, which is convenient for playing and taking pictures.Lepin™ land shop
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub
Review zhegao ql0924 old pub

【To sum up】

Thanks to the original design, the finished product’s appearance, and interior are quite attractive, so I have to admire the design skills of “ba”. However, after all, the moc design will have some rigorous reasons for different reasons. It should be adjusted during productization. However, Zhegao did not go through this step, but simply replaced the out-of-print parts directly. I was a little disappointed.
Besides, the color difference in the manual is serious, the assembly steps are not friendly, and some parts are too loose, which makes the assembly process difficult. This shows that the manufacturer has insufficient experience in the assembly experience and fails to fully reflect the excellent design.
In terms of Minifigures, the use of original design reflects the manufacturer’s determination to get out of its style, but the flaws in the parts make the performance worse.
In terms of overall performance, Zhegao failed to grasp the details, relying solely on the fame of the finished product itself, if the design lacks more regrets, it will feel quite scary …

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