Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build

Today I will share a review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build


There is carton packaging outside the color box.

Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build

The color box takes the form of a heaven and earth cover.

There are 3 small boxes in the color box.

Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build

There are sub-package 1 and sub-package 2 in the small box No. 1.

There are sub-package 3 and sub-package 4 in the second small box.

There are sub-package 5 and sub-package 6 in the third small box.


I take one routinely, I really don’t like this kind of minifigures.

Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build


It is very rare to have a double-sided bottom plate.

The size of the manual is not small.

Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build

At the beginning, we have to put together large panels.

It can be seen from the parts assembled on the bottom plate that there is a mixed use of new and old parts. The nozzle of the part pointed by the arrow is very flat, while the nozzles of other parts are concave.

Next to the bookstore is an aisle, and there are stairs to the second floor.

The details of the bookstore are quite rich.

Subcontract 1 is completed.

This position is a bit of building skills, but because the parts are not tight, the structure is also a bit loose

Review ZHEGAO QL0925 Pet Shop Alternative Build

The sign of the bookstore is very interesting. It is a kitten reading a book.

Subcontract 2 is completed.

There are many details in the bathroom, and the flush toilet is particularly imagery.

It can be seen that it is the kitchen

Subcontract 3 is completed.

There are two such embedded assemblings on the wall of the bathroom, which are quite interesting.

Subcontract 4 is completed.

Subcontract 5 is completed.

This structure is pretty.

Subcontract 6 is completed.

There is a bookstore on the first floor.

Overlooking the bookstore interior.

The second floor is the bathroom and kitchen, which is probably the owner’s home. It is enviable that the owner of the bookstore owns a small three-story western-style building with a street-facing shop on the first floor.

Overlooking the second floor.

The color matching of the bricks used in the wall has begun to become mixed, and the MOC in the sleeve is undoubtedly.

The third floor is the bedroom.

Overlooking the third floor.

The colors on the third floor are more mixed

Bookstore: The front styling is very good, and the color scheme is also very uniform.

The color scheme on the side is more mixed.

Although the minifigures are not so good-looking, adding minifigures can also add a touch of agility


Most of the parts have a moderate bite and feel good. A few parts have loose bite and need to be improved. The color of the parts is fair and the gloss is good. Some parts have more scratches on the surface. Room for improvement.

The shape of the finished product is good, and there are many building skills in the structure. Of course, these are all due to the original author of the MOC works. Zhe Gao just kept them all . Since the original work is a set of MOC, it is inevitable that the color matching of the wall tiles is mixed, but the author has tried his best to keep the front color matching uniform.

Generally speaking, this product is still good.

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