Review ZHEGAO QL0936 Rome Parisian Restaurant

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Hi everyone, today I will share a review ZHEGAO QL0936 Rome Parisian Restaurant!

Although this is a street view building block, its floor size is not 32×32 (the number of bumps) of Lego-style street view, but 24×22; and it is a semi-closed structure, and you can directly see the inside of the street view from the back of the street view. It is also different from the fully enclosed structure of Lego-style street view.


There is carton packaging outside the color box.

Review zhegao ql0936 rome parisian restaurant

The color box takes the form of a heaven and earth cover.

All the parts are packed in a big bag, probably to prevent parts from being lost. But this also seems to be relatively empty inside and a bit over-packed.

640 83 lepin™ land shop

After classification, it can be seen that the package has four steps of subcontracting.

640 84 lepin™ land shop

There are only four stickers.

640 85 lepin™ land shop


Subcontracting 1:

At the beginning, it was minifigures, so let’s take a look at minifigures first.
This is a minifigure unique to Zhegao, with many joints in the body. But I don’t like these minifigures because they look like puppets

Review zhegao ql0936 rome parisian restaurant

Most of the parts are such recessed nozzles. It feels that the nozzles are a little bigger. When the nozzles are exposed, it will affect the appearance, but the parts have a good bite feel.

640 87 lepin™ land shop

The nozzles of individual parts are relatively flat, and there may be mixed use of new and old parts.

640 88 lepin™ land shop

The only printed part in the set.

640 89 lepin™ land shop

The floor is put together.

640 90 lepin™ land shop

The floor is made up of many small boards.

640 91 lepin™ land shop

Subcontract 1 is completed.

640 92 lepin™ land shop

Subcontract 2: Subcontract 2 is to finish the first floor on the basis of Subcontract 1.
Just look at the finished product.

640 93 lepin™ land shop

You can see the inside from the back.

640 94 lepin™ land shop

Subcontract 3: The subcontract 3 fight is the second floor.
Let’s put together the floor first.

640 95 lepin™ land shop

I forgot to mention that the nozzle of the transparent part of the window is more obvious, which affects the appearance.

640 96 lepin™ land shop

The LCD TV is really good

640 97 lepin™ land shop

The second floor is completed.

Review zhegao ql0936 rome parisian restaurant

This balcony is very nice.

640 99 lepin™ land shop

The interior is less.

Subcontract 4: The subcontract 4 is the third floor and the roof.
Just look at the finished product on the third floor.

The interior is really less than one layer, but this also gives players more room to play.

640 2020 08 07t230645. 508 lepin™ land shop

A problem was found when trying to put together the top of the building. The arrow pointed to the position where the fight was not firm.

640 2020 08 07t230720. 824 lepin™ land shop

So I changed two parts.

640 2020 08 07t230748. 886 lepin™ land shop

The roof is completed.

640 2020 08 07t230820. 552 lepin™ land shop

Finished product display

640 2020 08 07t230847. 850 lepin™ land shop


640 2020 08 07t230914. 924 lepin™ land shop

640 2020 08 07t230907. 439 lepin™ land shop

640 2020 08 07t231014. 794 lepin™ land shop

640 2020 08 07t231042. 408 lepin™ land shop

Add minifigures.

640 2020 08 07t231139. 536 lepin™ land shop


Most of the parts have a moderate bite degree and a good feel. Some parts have a loose bite; the surface of the parts is shiny; some parts have more scratches on the surface and need to be improved. Although it is a circle smaller than the Lego-style streetscape, it still maintains the proportions of minifigures, and also retains stairs as a connection between the floors.
This kind of small street scene with only a thousand parts is more suitable for novices and children to play. The product has a good shape and is not difficult. As for the structure of the “half-side chicken”, it is a matter of opinion.

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