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Review LEPIN 16002 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow


Review LEPIN 16002 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow After finishing LEPIN 16009 Ann Queen’s Revenge I started with the new conquest. This time is LEPIN 16002 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow, I will complete the collection of all ships in the Caribbean pirate movie. I think there will be other omissions, and I’ll focus on making them first. As I see many […]

Review LEPIN 16009 Ann Queen’s Revenge

Review Lepin 16009 Ann Queen Revenge

Review LEPIN 16009 Ann Queen’s Revenge by Florian Gruenewald A boring Christmas season came again, it was cold, so I couldn’t go out and play. Going to school far away from home is so sad, while people gather together, I still sit here alone. In one web surfing, accidentally, I mistakenly clicked on Lepin’s toy page (it […]

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