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Best-selling Non-MOC Modular Building Models

LEPIN 15005 Grand Emporium Compatible MOC 10211

Besides Star Wars or Technician themes, we must mention the amazing Modular Buildings models when it comes to non-MOC block sets. There is a great number of sets based on every corner, every place that you can see in your city. And today, LEPIN Land will introduce the top 10 best-selling non-MOC Modular Buildings models. […]

Review LEPIN 15003 – Town Hall

Review LEPIN 15003 - Town Hall

This is the LEPIN 15003 – Town Hall Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Philipp Naumann in Germany. The key data Ordered at Dream House Some bags have come packed in a big box No customs (Austria) Missing parts 1x DBG Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with 1 Stud (Jumper) 1x Black Left Minifigure Leg […]