Review LEPIN 16001 Firehouse Headquarters Compatible LEGO 75827

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The following is a product review article about the model: LEPIN 16001 Firehouse Headquarters Compatible LEGO 75827

This article is written by a beautiful lady – Lilly Fieber

It has been a month since the last time I unpacked the box, and once again proved that the beauties are all slow-workers, and because they have more appointments, they are too late.

Set makeup photos

This set is very worth starting, the interior is good and can be opened, the appearance is classic red and gray color.

Assembly process

It’s so full of blocks that people are really happy when they see it.

For it, it is also worth buying a few more storage boxes.

For it, it is also worth buying a few more storage boxes.

It is unfavorable to have a teacher. Some legs of the dolls are bad. You can only perform surgery to remove the inside.

Minifigures, full of memories

Is it like a Chinese medicine store? Licensed.

The inner space is enough. There is no sense of accomplishment on the first floor without interiors.

On the first floor interior, there are 2 desks, I feel there are not many executives.

On the 2nd floor, it’s a special method

There are also game consoles, toasters, refrigerators, and love the interior!

4 firefighters, 3 beds. I seem to know some unknown secrets.

Once the 1st and 2nd floors are put together, they will look great.

This pool table is a big love interior on the third floor.

One Q clear bag!

Complete the picture, the details explode, but to control the number of blocks, the floor is not made.

This bathroom on the second floor is used by men. They are sitting and urinating.

This gap is quite big, it should be cold in winter!


At the same time, this can also be where the agency is, the feeling of opening the refrigerator

Use a transparent stick for this support, ghast, don’t eat it, and you will lose weight if you eat again.

Can you see how bad this bad piece is? There was a lot of glue on it, which caused me to vigorously press the new manicure on time.

Some of the pieces are very dirty, not too much, but will it be as itchy as a small editor? So worried

The window on the door lacked a transparent piece, and neither of them was installed. Ventilation point.

Virtual evaluation

Advantages: interior explosion, attractive appearance, out of print for many years are the reasons to start.

Disadvantages: The bricks are a bit dirty, with bad or missing parts.

Suggestion: Competent partners can first fill the floor tiles with 2*2, add lights, and add a little interior.

The editor recommends whether you like it or not.

The above is the sharing of this issue, thank you all.

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