MOC 100013 Executor Class Star Dreadnought by David Hoffmann

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LEPINLAND Founded in 2015 at CHINA, and is known as the Official store of the world’s largest toy brand LEPIN.


After a long time of research and development, besides selling products from big brands.

When we decided to develop a participatory nature with intellectual inspiration and hands-on practice, we quickly found like-minded partners around the world, and we discussed, produced, found inspiration, applied critical thinking, and worked hard to create Produce high-quality products. Our companions come from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas and we welcome people who have great ideas to join us.


We are committed to the cultivation of children’s intelligence, creativity and hands-on ability, to help children establish rigorous thinking. Our products have some difficulties, it will take a while to compose, and when the work is completed, you will get full satisfaction. We recommend parents and children to create works together, which is conducive to the emotional communication between parents and children, and has great development for family harmony and children’s future.


Our products include our unique brick as well as technology-type finished assembly models. You will find mini-to-huge models of various shapes here. You can assemble a small model in a day, or a large model in a few weeks. Excavators, cars, racing cars, motorcycles, tanks and more.