MOC Lighting Kits

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LEPINLand Lighting Kits is founded by a team of passionate LEPIN® enthusiasts.

In the beginning, the group wanted to find ways to enhance their own growing LEPIN® Modular Building collection. It dawned on them that lighting up their LEPIN® sets would be a great way to give their cities a sense of realism.

So they quickly turned to the Internet to see what they could find.

Unfortunately, what they found was a mixture of complex componentry, lack of instructional guides and an experience that wasn’t on par with the LEPIN® brand.

Putting their collective heads together, they decided to start LEPINLand Lighting Kits.

By offering high-quality LEPIN® LED lights, with easy to follow instructions, LEPINLand Lighting Kits aims to provide LEPIN® fans of all types the ability to light up their own creations.

Whether you’re a DIYer looking to add lights to your custom builds, or a LEPIN® fan wanting to bring their favorite set to life, LEPINLand Lighting Kits offers a wide variety of LEPIN® lighting options to suit your needs.