Quick Review LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship

This is the LEPIN Bottle ship 16051 (21313) Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Maximilian Abendroth at Germany.


I have been looking for a long time, but have found only the contribution to the bottle ship on the original. This one is from Lepin and cost me over Aliexpress 27 Euro. It is a 1zu1 replica of the Le..g0 Ideas set.

After unpacking I had a good guide and many bags on the table.

Here section 1

LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship

After the first section, you have the boat together, which I like very much because of the construction technique.

LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship
LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship

Then you start with the bottom of the bottle, where the construction technique is also a bit more complex

LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship

After construction section 2, you have half the bottle finished with the boat, and fill in the “water”.

LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship

Then the bottleneck and the stand are built before it shines in its full glory.

LEPIN 16051 Bottle Ship

I really like the set. The only downer is that despite individual packaging of the glass elements have some scratches. However, this is no longer visible with a certain distance :)
Therefore from my side a clear purchase recommendation


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