Quick Review LEPIN 17005 – Big Ben

This is the LEPIN [] 17005 – Big Ben Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Marcel Kuester at Germany.

I could not find a review on Big Ben, so I’ll do one and keep updating it while I’m building.
I started sorting the stones this morning.

The set consists of 60 bags plus a Zip-Loc bag with long stones and a few larger plates in it. In addition 3 green 16×16 plates.

Review LEPIN 17005 - Big Ben

In step 9, there is already the first problem. A 1×1 plate should be placed in the middle under a 1×2 SNOT. At Le..g0 they have a new design, see the white stone in the photo. Lepin has used the old design (gray stone on photo). But that does not work.

Review LEPIN 17005 - Big Ben

Let’s see if this type is used more often, then I have to get me first Le..g0 SNOTs before I can continue to build …


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