Quick Review LEPIN 18003 – The Wither

This is the LEPIN 18003 – The Wither Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Lucas Duerr at Germany.

I packed the set for little money (less than 20 euros including shipping), but unfortunately, it is very bad. Floating parts in the manual, missing parts compared to the LE..G0 original shown on the packaging or replaced (orange-transparent plate 2×2 becomes white) parts. In addition, a structure from bottom to top, filigree designs, floating floor panels without any stability. There were all parts as described in the instructions, but that was it. In contrast to clones of sets that have already been on the market for a long time, you can notice everywhere that the clone set was created only on the basis of the official LE..G0 pictures before release. And then by a designer who obviously does not even have basic knowledge about stability.

Done then looks quite good but by no means a play set. In addition, there is far too much for the smallest touches, because stones and braces do not have enough grip.


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