Quick Review LEPIN 21002 – MINI Cooper [Bert Rage]

This is the LEPIN  21002 – MINI Cooper Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Bert Rage at Germany.

LEPIN 21002 – MINI 1108 parts

Order: https://lepinland.com
Product Amount Shipping Cost Total Amount USD 47$
Paid with GiroPay
6.10. ordered
10.15. sent
17.10. delivered

Came in the DHL plastic bag (Untouched bill on the outside with $ 15 value, no shipping costs listed – I did not ask drum). Came without problems with DHL Express in Leipzig through customs.
In the plastic bag a bubble wrap with the famous bags and instructions.

Then again diligently sort stones and off you go.
As with my last two sets (Orthanc and Wall-E), all parts were included and I did not really feel I had any Le..g0 in my hand. No misprints; Discs not scratched. The stickers for the body were divided into two parts: Once “normal” stickers and once printed on “silver foil”. The normals were badly printed and I left out, except for the license plates. The silver foil (nameplate and MiniCooper logo) were ok. Clamping force was ok for all parts. Only the right door closes a little too soft (but can also lie to me :oops: ).

The part looks really great when it’s in front of you, loves the detail and was really fun to build. Who is still undecided: Buy recommendation :thumup:
And here are Foddos:

Review LEPIN 21002 - MINI Cooper 1
Review LEPIN 21002 - MINI Cooper 2
Review LEPIN 21002 - MINI Cooper 3
Review LEPIN 21002 - MINI Cooper 4
Review LEPIN 21002 - MINI Cooper 5

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