Review LEPIN 06057 – Final Fight Destiny’s Bounty

Review lepin 06review lepin 06057 - final fight destiny's bounty057 - final fight destiny's bounty

This is the LEPIN 06057 – Final Fight Destiny’s Bounty Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Irunja at Germany.

Price: ~ 70 €
Parts: ~ 2455
Construction stages: 15

Despite (generally) lack of space, this model has sneaked onto my list to supplement my ship collection.

The construction is going a bit slow, because every day I take only 1-2 phases with my son in attack. Definitely one of the top models who are totally fun and in their love of detail, a majority of the other in the shade. In that case, in my view, they have surpassed all other ships and even the Sea Cow, especially the scorpionfish at the bow are great, despite bananas as eyebrows ;)

Review lepin 06057 - final fight destiny's bounty

When attaching the garage doors or the roof, they seem to have made nonsense, at least the curvature of the enclosed skeletal arms is too low, which is why I once took the sleeves of the blue technology parts to be able to take decent pictures.

Review lepin 06057 - final fight destiny's bounty

The fabric part on the monk does not fit exactly and as far as I’ve seen, they have deviated only three times from the original plan, in one case, the suspension is a bit stupid, but well.

Image012. Png

Part of the construction phases:

Image001. Jpg
Image002. Jpg
Image003. Jpg
Image004. Jpg
Image005. Jpg

The final result:

Image013. Png
Review lepin 06057 - final fight destiny's bounty
Image016. Png
Image017. Png
Image018. Png
Image011. Png
Image019. Png
Image020. Png

All in all, a great model, where even the surcharge to the original would be worthwhile.


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