Review LEPIN 15007 – Market Street

This is the LEPIN 15007 – Market Street Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Maximilian Neumann  at Germany.

First of all a little preliminary: I build since mid-2010 again Le..g0. It started with a rather coincidental visit to Le..g0 Shop Frankfurt at the end of 2009 with my wife today. There was then the Fire Brigade and also the Green Grocer. A while later, she gave me a medium-sized city model because I showed a little childlike enthusiasm at the time, and with that, she triggered something. Well, however. At some point I bought the Fire Brigade and the Grand Emporium, the Green Grocer was just EOL. On eBay, although it was for almost 200  to buy the stuff is so synonymous almost a little too expensive. ;-) Well, what can you say? Tumbled the delusion went on the models (first Advanced Models, later after a long hesitation then Le..g0 Star Wars from the original films and the sophisticated technology models) You just go deeper and understand the matter. I buy the stuff but actually for my own pleasure, build it together and store it partially because the place is limited. I sell nothing and do not speculate. It’s just a little hobby.
Of course, the first three Modulars but also the Hawk or the Taj Mahal are just stained. At first, I thought that this could work with Rebuild at some point, but we are honest. To do that, you really have to spend a lot of energy and/or dig deep into your pocket.
Since I have some other hobbies besides Le..g0, neither time nor money is something I can invest in large quantities.
Again my wife sent me a link on Aliexpress and the Porsche in the middle of December 2016. And again she triggered something. ;-)
The object of desire was initially the 3 Modulars but now, very much to the strife of domestic peace, also some Star WNRS packages arrive. ;-)
Since it is about my passport and it does not matter to me if my collection is now real, Lepin gives me the opportunity to access objects that would otherwise have been denied by scarcity and the distribution principle by Le..g0.
Morally, I think but also nothing clear, Lepin uses the intellectual property of Le..g0 but Le..g0 uses in a very perfidious way also our play instinct and draws in a maximum, the willingness to pay the fans. In this respect, one may be curious how the matter develops.

Order Delivery & Customs:

First, I ordered all 3 models Market Street, Cafe Corner and Green Grocer from three different retailers on Aliexpress. Payment by credit card after the second purchase, the card was already saved. Payment received all right. 12.8. 12:30 pm
09.12. 8 o’clock Three mails the orders are closed. Er, yes.
You may want to check my credit card first. Photo of the card and a bank statement were requested. I did that at the end of the day. And on 12.12. then came a message, OK fits.
I think it was due to 3 orders in quick succession from a new customer and a certain security standard. Nevertheless, it is, of course, silly and if now a photo of the card conveys more security, I dare to doubt – I personally have now but not afraid of Aliexpress.
The new order of Market Street then 13.12. at Dreamhouse. Since I knew neither this forum nor the dealer but Ausschlagkräftig was prices and ratings at Aliexpress.
The first few days nothing happened then it went very fast. Sent on 19.12. on 21.12 without further formalities with me brought by DHL.

First impression:

It was declared with Plastic Toys 15USD. Cardboard, well secured with tape. On top of the instructions. Including many bags and another hand-packed bag with large plates.
The system was a bit different from what Le..g0 would do. So flat plates together, 1er stones etc.
Let’s go.


At first, I started with the actual building and left the market stall or the garage or what that is supposed to be left.
The setup went quickly and was fun. In principle, I was very careful and looked at the stones 3 times to put the cream side in the right position. You can tell, of course, that the model is already relatively old and was the basis for the Modular series. Nevertheless, the colors are great and it looks quite nice. The second actually first part turns out much easier. Somehow you could have done more. But that was the way Market Street was.
The only nuisance is the spiral staircase in the basement. It is very shaky and shifts when you look at it. Whether it is due to the Leinstermen or whether the original construction is also so I can not judge.
Likewise, the house compared to the garage (or what that is) is significantly heavier which leads to the fact that you have to look at the lifting that the parts do not tear apart.

Instructions & Figures:

The instructions are great, only the tan seemed a bit yellow. But since there is no real yellow, it was not difficult not to understand what this is about.
I’m not that affine. I think they are OK

Quality; missing & damaged parts:

Here, of course, I had the most concerns during the first attempt. But the quality is good. Some stones had the slightest scratches and some fog. But not much worse than the original now. Everything nothing new.
There were missing parts
16x Plate 1X2 W. 1 Knob in Brick Yellow
and 1x Flat Tile 1X2 in Dark Stone Gray
That was a little annoying. I’ll wait for something else on other models and then order from Le..g0. Now the Chinese dealers annoying I think personally for nonsense because the whole mE is more due to production inaccuracies of Lepin ago. Because the 16 plates should have been in a bag where the others in another color were in there. But they were not. The bag but welded. No idea how it goes. I think semi-automatically or by hand. So Ms. Li forgets to stop filling my stones (maybe because they were just out or wrong counted.) If now Ms. Wang Dreamhouse to re-orders from Europe you have to act either a rough part of memory or she just has it from another Remove order in the hope that nobody complains there, so it’s better than I take care of my own replacement, the Chinese are trying to do a good job


For a little less than 50 euros, I have actually a Market Street counterfeiting with me which optically in principle should not differ from the original.
Thank you LEPIN Land


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