Review LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC) [Frankfurter]

This is the LEPIN 15034 – Potter Corner (MOC) Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Swen Frankfurter at Germany.


  • Thread (with numerous photos) to the competition of Lepin (has occupied there 2nd place)
  • Vorstellungsthread
  • Construction manual (as PDF); also available as individual JPGs on request
  • (English) Quick-build video and review of “Mark and Nicolas”) (the review starts at minute 7)
  • (English) Video review of “Brick me up Scottie
  • Published in Sept. 2017
  • Parts: 4110 (without minifigures)
  • Minifigures: 10
  • Weight: 2.73 kg (pure building weight, ie without base plate, Minifigures, instructions & packaging)
  • Construction time: about 10 hours

Actually, I just wanted to write something in the introductory thread, but it was once again too much text, and more and more Direction Review, so here as an independent thread.

LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)
LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)

Started towards the end of Nov. I could only start in the last weeks with the bit by bit structure, which takes about ten hours and is almost complete.

When looking at the existing photos, yes, some as I myself have wondered, because now the many parts are installed in this set, because our sense is often “better” than you would think. During the last few days, I was able to “solve” this puzzle during my construction, and to anticipate it in a diplomatic short form: Everything was done, at least in my view, so that packing would take as many working hours as possible. 8-)

Anyone who has already looked at the threads and video reviews initially linked up will certainly remember that this house is very compact and also houses a thematic restaurant on the first floor. Now you can be quite divided about a lot of small floor tiles (as we already know from the wine bar), but there are also a lot of “stupidities” in this set that clearly shows that Le..g0 is currently revising submitted proposals clear nose. And even with Le..g0’s known, there are often optimization needs and opportunities (keyword Farbkasterl, which was recently also the “hero of the stones” an issue).

Although Lepin has launched the set in a slightly different version than the proposal submitted to the competition, it still offers a lot of room for improvement (and maybe even intentionally, since a large number of stones sounds impressive, especially if you also hit the 4,000-meter hurdle “crackles”) left lying. But before I even more “schwafle” just a few pictures, all of which relate to the gable room.

The first three images are taken from “Brick me up Scottie” video review (because of my dim lighting situation) show the actual (and thus completely different from the submitted proposal) interior of this room:

LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)

Since you can not remember everything about the abundance of details and “problem” or “optimization zones”, I have taken seven excerpts from the instructions and annotated the most important “curiosities”.

LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)
LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)
LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)
LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)
LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)
LEPIN 15034 Potter Corner (MOC)

As you can see, you could solve a lot more skillfully both the number of parts, as well as the simplification of the construction manual and “usability”.

As always, the question remains whether the set is recommended. It’s a bit like the video reviewers, because the weak points are just too obvious, and yet there’s a definite yes!


  1. Quite typical building for the core of a relatively homogeneous small town of central, northern and northwest European settlement area
  2. Fits great size to some other Le..g0 Creator Expert series homes
  3. Removable floors or parts of buildings as well as two folding building parts
  4. Very detailed and quite modifiable
  5. High (small) number of parts and variety, and therefore excellent spare parts dispensers
  6. Construction sections and corresponding numbered bags
  7. Building fun gave by the variety as well as the many details and colors
  8. Numerous figures
  9. No stickers, only prints!
  10. Quality of the stones, window glasses, minifigures, and prints, but also color fidelity and clamping force correspond to what is known from other current sets of the same manufacturer
  11. The average price of the (relatively small) parts basically corresponds to that of other large sets of the same manufacturer


  1. The house entrance to the “lift”, and just this
  2. The garage is missing a rear gate and in the proposal submitted pictured small (st) dare
  3. The water tank on the roof is completely inappropriate for such a building and is said to appeal to shoppers in North America & Co.; Moreover, it’s happier during assembly, so it’s best to omit it right away
  4. The extremely cramped space in the entire object; the minifigures can hardly be placed inside the building
  5. The second floor can only be removed with care because the connection between the individual parts of the building is not optimal
  6. The fall ladder of the small gable-room above the ice-cream parlor into the room below with the “model” of Hogwarts
  7. Despite the execution as a corner building, the building is due to the lack of a sidewalk in front of the ice cream parlor only limited use as such
  8. Thematically it remains unclear who is responsible for the table and the two loose seats in front of the workshop
  9. Although the large glass front of the car repair shop provides a nice insight into this, it is ultimately unsuitable
  10. Not for the “just” buildup, as it requires a lot of attention

With my set, there was a broken (!) Windowpane (when attempting to insert into the frame broke off a corner), at least one missing component (the (arched) grille for the indicated large door behind the bar in the theme restaurant) as well as numerous surplus parts. The spare parts bag did not have to be opened. In many 1x1er tiles was still the spine available, but just so close, that you did not necessarily have to remove it before installation.

I recently ordered another copy myself. From the two packs then an “improved” model is created (at some point I will try to enlarge it in width (ie “inflate”)) and incorporated into my nascent city, while the “rest” of the urgently needed enlargement of my (Lepin) Part collection will serve.

Ps: I hope in the next few days to be able to create your own photos, for which I reserve a further contribution.


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