Review Model LEPIN 21015 – Black Cat / Giant Truck

This is the LEPIN 21015 – Black Cat / Giant Truck Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Paul Frueh at Germany.

Today I present to you LEPIN’s 21015 “Black Cat”, or as it is called in the US and can be found on Bricklink: 5571 “Giant Truck”.

The 2.5 kg model was launched by LE..G0 back in 1996 and you can not see it for 22 years. Sure, the new parts are missing and mostly quite simple bricks and plates were installed, but the model is visually still very appealing and brings along a certain aesthetics, also because of its size and color combination.

From LE..G0 itself you can buy the truck in good used condition from 270 € or if you have too much money: From 800 € new and in original packaging.
From LEPIN the model costs about 70 € including shipping. I was able to get hold of my copy at the last action days with 2 coupons for just under € 50. The price/performance ratio is also very good at 70 €, no complaints. 8-)8-)

For me, the bags were unfortunately only partially numbered, which I’ve never seen before at LEPIN. Either the bags are numbered or not, but in this case, only half of the bags were numbered. Unfortunately, the numbering in the case brings nothing and I had to spill everything and then sort the parts.
What immediately stands out is that many normal bricks are installed and hardly any exotic stones (with a few exceptions). Which is also logical, because the model by LE..G0 already came on the market in 1996. Honestly, if I had not looked, I would have tipped the year 2006 or 2007. Even if hardly any exotic parts are used, there are some interesting stones, which I thought were only used 10 years later in the first sets.
However, some parts of the Black Cat are super-exotic, such as the many chrome parts, the huge doors and above all the extremely large and popular wheels.

Nachdem ich sortiert hate, ging es Schnell voran und man sieht den Truck dank viewer großer Teile Schnell wachsen. Now to build: After I sorted, it went quickly and you can see the truck grow thanks to many large parts quickly.
First, the chassis is built, then the tanks, then the cab, the hood and the rest. Only with the parts for the steering, you should turn on the front wheels briefly the brain, because you can easily optimize by omitting 4 stones well and so the steering mechanism is improved. The finished model is so noticeable that the steering radius is slightly reduced, so the fun increases.

With the steering, we are already with my favorite function and I loved it even as a child. The rotary knob on the roof makes it easy to steer the truck and push it through the shed. This provides great fun for young and old, and I would almost say that today’s LE..G0 models do not have that kind of stuff anymore. Correct me if I’m wrong. :?
After the construction, I first built a small course and let the truck scurry through elegantly. Of course, then also artificial parking spaces were created and I once tried to park such a big block. :lol:

The bonnet, the doors, and a few more flaps can be opened, what more could you want?

The sticker sheet of LEPIN is unfortunately very miserable, but the 2 stickers for the doors are immensely important because otherwise the red design line is interrupted and the truck does not look so elegant anymore. The main problem is that the sticker foil is far too thin. The colors themselves fit and at the beginning, one thinks oneself: “Pretty stickers”. The bad surprise comes when you peel it off and stick it on the black bricks. Shining red turns dark red —> ugly.
At Bricklink costs an original sticker sheet from 100 €, as Nachmache from Australia or Netherlands but under 10 €.
I myself have just taken the high-quality red foil, cut to size and glued to the doors, so a new sticker sheet was not mandatory.

Who compares my photos with the original model, will notice that all my lights and lights are orange instead of yellow. This is not a mistake of LEPIN, but I myself have installed orange from the beginning. I think it’s so much prettier and more realistic, but it’s a matter of taste. I will also gradually disappear the pimples and obstruct black tiles. In addition, I have a black-tinted windshield installed, as you may recognize in the photos.

What was negative in addition to the stickers: The Bricks for the taillights are purple instead of red, what’s that? Also, the round chrome parts for the exhaust pipes have either too low or too strong clamping force. The chrome itself looks pretty even at first glance. If you look closely at the parts or touches, then you realize that LE..G0 (better) did that much better.

The attachment of the rear wheels is not solved so great, at least the wheels come off after a while when you roll the truck a lot through the apartment. :?

The Mietze on the hood does not hold as good as it should and front and rear apron fall off too quickly.
Disturbing is that LEPIN mitliefert wrong window doors for one of the two side tool compartments, namely grid-like rather than completely closed. Looks ridiculous and therefore I have installed as a stopgap first normal red stones, but have already ordered a replacement.

My biggest criticism of the model and that has to answer for LE..G0: Such a massive, horny truck full of details such as sleeping cab, coffee maker, tools, TV, turn signals and lights. But WHY the hell did you have no double tires installed in the back?!?!? Cost pressure, of course, but here double tires would have been absolutely mandatory! Too bad and unfortunately you can not order just 4 more wheels over Bricklink, because then immediately € 100 is poorer. :|:|
Maybe the seller of the LEPIN truck will sell me some bikes, let’s see.

+ Extremely large and impressive model
+ Beautiful color combination of black/red and gray / chrome
+ Very fun and easy-to-use steering function
+ Motivating structure without nasty surprises
+ Exotic parts such as doors and wheels have been perfectly realized by LEPIN
+ Very robust model and also suitable for kids thanks to the steering function
+ The clear instructions also include a very nice B-model

– Rear dual tires and rear wheels could be better attached
– Rear and front aprons should also like to be stronger attached
– For my taste too many pimples (just retro style)
– Very lousy quality of the stickers
– Chrome parts in less good quality
– 1×1 round plates for taillights are purple instead of red
– False French doors for tool compartment
– A few stones like the black cat on the hood have too little clamping force

In my opinion, the truck fits the scale perfectly to the many LE..G0 cars such as the Mini-Cooper, Ferrari F40, and Co. as well as to the XINGBAO cars like the Ford GT or VW Beetle. The truck does not necessarily have to stand alone ;)


A must-have for the price, even if you are only slightly interested in trucks. In my opinion one of the most beautiful LE..G0 / (LEPIN) models of all time, and for a 22-year-old model ;)


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