What is your experience about LEPIN 21005 – Emerald Night ?

This is the LEPIN 21005 – Emerald Night Real Experience from our lovely customer nickname Ralf Scholz at Germany.

After many long weeks waiting (since the beginning of September), the first LEPIN 21005 Emerald Night has arrived today. I ordered it on Sundays at LEPIN Land, 5 days delivery time is absolutely fine.

2016-11-11 15-58-13 2062_ergebnis.jpg

With all the big packages and bags of the last few weeks, the package seems to me to be rather small :) But there are only just over 1000 parts. In total, there are 25 sealed bags and a ziplock bag with the base plate, stickers, axles, and hoses. Let’s see what the carton has in store for us.

2016-11-11 15-59-09 2063_ergebnis.jpg

First comes the construction manual to light. This was unfortunately bent 90 ° but has not taken much damage

2016-11-11 15-59-26 2064_ergebnis.jpg

And the back

2016-11-11 15-59-34 2065_ergebnis.jpg

The stickers have survived the long journey without injuries

2016-11-11 16-00-10 2066_ergebnis.jpg

and still look good on closer inspection

2016-11-11 16-00-55 2067_ergebnis.jpg

The rubbers for the drive wheels are here, unfortunately, white/transparent and not red as the original. The material feels good and durable.

2016-11-11 16-01-41 2068_ergebnis.jpg

The base plate for the Wagon, Premiere for LEPIN.

2016-11-11 16-02-26 2069_ergebnis.jpg

And also the couplings with a magnet are new to LEPIN. The magnets make a good impression, a comparison with the original follows.

2016-11-11 16-04-38 2070_ergebnis.jpg

The minifigures are getting better from set to set, through the bag the pressure and hair look perfect.

2016-11-11 16-05-46 2072_ergebnis.jpg

The chairs are unfortunately still different from the original but are easy and inexpensive to replace.

2016-11-11 16-05-57 2073_ergebnis.jpg

Here’s the bag with the dark green parts. Again, everything looks top, unscathed and good.

2016-11-11 16-06-40 2074_ergebnis.jpg

And the last interesting bag before it starts building. This includes the windows, also premiere for LEPIN and give no cause for complaint.

2016-11-11 16-07-10 2075_ergebnis.jpg


First, come the minifigures, these are in the last bag with the number 25.

2016-11-11 16-56-03 2076_ergebnis.jpg

The quality of the figures is again an increase, everything sits as tight as it should. The arms and hands can be put together well and audibly snap-in. These characters are as close to the original as any before, at least of which I’ve seen so far.

2016-11-11 17-00-56 2078_ergebnis.jpg

And also the back delight ;)

2016-11-11 17-01-19 2080_ergebnis.jpg

The rest from bag # 25

2016-11-11 16-56-13 2077_ergebnis.jpg

I build with the original construction manual (PDF / iPad) and have to say – LEPIN is much better here. On the Danish digital construction manual, black, brown and reddish brown are indistinguishable. You can forget counting naps as well, so bad is the quality of this digital BA. I wonder, however, where LEPIN have the template for their BA ago?

2016-11-11 17-35-35 2081_ergebnis.jpg

The first gears and crossbars are already installed

2016-11-11 18-09-20 2082_ergebnis.jpg

If I have seen it correctly this is about half the length of the locomotive :o

2016-11-11 18-14-24 2083_ergebnis.jpg

So slowly form comes into the thing

2016-11-11 19-09-32 2084_ergebnis.jpg

Looks nice and long ;)

2016-11-11 19-10-22 2085_ergebnis.jpg

Next comes the combustion chamber

2016-11-11 19-33-15 2086_ergebnis.jpg

The type of attachment, I think very nice. The combustion chamber is simply pushed onto the crossbar

2016-11-11 19-33-32 2087_ergebnis.jpg

And then locked up.

2016-11-11 19-33-53 2088_ergebnis.jpg

Everything is still very noppig and angular

2016-11-11 19-55-58 2089_ergebnis.jpg

That changes now :)

2016-11-11 20-18-41 2091_ergebnis.jpg

Unfortunately, this construction phase has already ended :(

2016-11-11 20-58-27 2093_ergebnis.jpg

Continue with the wheels. Oops, already done. That was fast now :think:

2016-11-11 21-59-04 2095_ergebnis.jpg

The locomotive is including buffers 34 nubs long and I think that it is still as interesting as the Grand Carousel. There is plenty of room for improvement but everything in its time ;)

Now the tender is being built

2016-11-11 22-48-34 2096_ergebnis.jpg

The tender is not really a challenge …

2016-11-11 23-03-16 2097_ergebnis.jpg

… rather a quickie. But it was nice :)

2016-11-11 23-03-35 2098_ergebnis.jpg

Incidentally, it is inclusive buffer 18 nubs long.

Now comes the last part, the wagon.

2016-11-11 23-31-30 2099_ergebnis.jpg

The windows are not cleaned! Still look good :)

2016-11-11 23-40-45 2100_ergebnis.jpg

And also this part goes back way too fast :(

2016-11-11 23-51-48 2101_ergebnis.jpg

Because I’m already finished again …

2016-11-12 00-07-35 2102_ergebnis.jpg

The length of the wagon is 34 knobs incl. Buffer.

The train in full length

2016-11-12 00-09-06 2122_ergebnis.jpg

What must complain about it also: The suitcases do not close and so is constantly the whole laundry on the platform, very annoying.
Supplement. The problem has been resolved, see below

2016-11-12 00-11-12 2123_ergebnis.jpg

The two 2×4 plates were left. There are no losses to complain, everything was fine, nothing was missing.

2016-11-12 00-11-23 2124_ergebnis.jpg

A list of things that are different compared to the original can be found in the thread Differences between Knock-Off and Original

Well, was a nice evening with this set and certainly not the last. Replenishment is ordered.


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