How do you feel about LEPIN 15001 – Brick Bank

This is the LEPIN 15001 – Brick Bank Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Stefan Unger  at Germany.

By a user here in the forum, I came for a fair price to the LEPIN 15001 Brick Bank. This is my very first modular building ever.

Delivery & Customs:

I myself have bought the bank here in the forum, but the colleague had to declare it when placing his order.

First impression:

The bag has not yet been unpacked, so I basically got the bank new.
Many bags of small stones showered my floor, most messed up and not well stocked with the system.
Overall, the stones made but as usual a great impression, actually almost like LE..G0.


If you like wild foraging, this is just right for you. Personally, I do not like it and I like to know immediately where the required stones are.
Still, it was fun to see the building grow with its extremely good details ;)

Honestly, I was finally surprised how long the construction lasted, determined 7 hours. Mine previously calculated 4-5 hours I missed so subtly.

Instructions & Figures:

The instructions are great and thanks to just a few black and dark gray parts, I’ve never had the problem of recognizing what is meant.

The figures are in amazing good quality. Honestly, you can not distinguish them from those of LE..G0, except for the heads themselves.
With 3 or 4 faces, eyes and mouth were printed too thick, which seems cheap.

Quality; missing & damaged parts:

No missing parts and this time no scratches or damage. A 2×2 round tile with clock imprint is a bit awkward, but I have this part of LE..G0 many times here.
My bank has only one defect and even bothers me quite a bit: The base plate is bent, the one side is 2-3 mm from the ground despite the heavy weight of the building.
Anyone who can tell me how I am getting now, feel free to contact me. I’ll probably try it carefully with a hairdryer.


The actual details and functions can be found in the very normal reviews to the LE..G0 Bank, so I do not repeat everything now. On the whole, however, the models of LE..G0 and LEPIN are absolutely identical.
Anyway, the bank is damn cool and I can only recommend it. ;) 55 € including shipping against 160 € original for almost the same quality is just a consideration worth.

Even starker is the difference at Cafe Corner and Co .: 55 € against about 800 €.
So you can give the buildings to his kids to play with and do not have to guard them like a € 3000 vase ;)

If I “review” the other buildings I do not know yet, maybe I’ll make a total review after 4-5 buildings.

PS: Please LEPIN, we are all waiting for the Haunted House! :mrgreen:


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