Instructions for assembling LEPIN 20007 – Motorized Excavator

This is the LEPIN 20007 – Motorized Excavator Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Stephan Fuchs at Germany.

So here’s the review of the Lepin 20007 (Le..g0 8043 Motorized Excavator).

First of all: The pictures of the model are mine, the pictures of the items are from

Ordered at LEPINLand for $ 92 and delivered after ~ 2 weeks in the LEPINLand-style all-yellow-tipped package.

Since this is a replica of a Le..g0 model I will not go into more detail here, but focus more on the differences between the sets.

  • The manual

The Le..g0 model has its own instructions in portrait format for each of the three construction sections. Lepin packs all the sections into a 126-page book in landscape format. The Le..g0 instructions Lepin missing the list of tees and the logos have been adjusted, otherwise, the steps correspond to the Le..g0 instructions.
In the middle of the book was still a note (A5) with part of the instructions in Chinese. The steps pictured there are also in the normal guide, n / a why this was.

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator
LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator
  • The stickers

As with the Le..g0 model, there are also for the Lepin model stickers, the print is high quality and so far without blemish. Instead of the Le..g0 logo, TECHNIC, and the Le..g0 set number, there are the Lepin pedants. As the Le..g0 model looks like I do not know, I suspect the background color (yellow) fits there to the stones, with Lepin is the more orange.

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator
  • The assembly

On the picture above you can see one of the other differences to the Le..g0 model: 2 of the 4 actuators are equipped with springs. This is apparently not an isolated case, with reviews on YT are also available. In the guide, but nothing to see where to go. As on YT, I used those for raising/lowering the arm. Completely collapsed the path shortens by ~ 1cm, so the arm does not come rounder to ground level.
When I got the model was the first test of the PF on the plan. I was already sweating as one engine after the other did not want to run on the battery box. With interposed receivers but all 4 M engines worked.
Speaking of engines: 3 of the 4 engines work normally, the 4th weakens significantly. I used it to switch gears, and he’s having a lot of trouble. I’ll open it may be times and see what’s going on inside and/or replace the M engine, which was too much in my 20011 model. :idea:
Although all parts seem colorless and formally faultless so far, there are some shortcomings: Especially the cross-axis connector

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator
is problematic. The axles cannot be fully inserted (there is often still a millimeter missing), which means that the mechanics are too tight and difficult to move. :wallbash:
LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator

For the drive, I even had 4 Axle Pins

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator

shorten by 1mm so that they fit right in there:

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator


The following should be the same as the Le..g0 model:

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator

The paneling of the arm reaches to the driver’s cab and likes to hang when lowering the arm. :cry:

  • The power functions

To make it short: the model can drive. But especially due to the problems with the axle connectors, the mechanics of the arm are so sluggish that the motors do not or only with great difficulty manage to move them.

  • missing parts

This time I was not immune to missing parts. In total there are 3 parts too few:
1x each:

LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator
LEPIN 20007 - Motorized Excavator

and a remote control :evil:
There should be 2 remote controls, but only one was included. I will not open a keg at LEPINLand. I still have 3 remote controls from the 20011 that I can use here on, but it is annoying somewhere already.


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