Quick Review LEPIN 07090 The Joker Manor – [Dennis Baumgaertner]

This is the LEPIN 07090 The Joker Manor – Small Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Dennis Baumgaertner at Germany.

Here is the first review of this sentence with respect to the LEPIN 07090 supplied. I checked each part of the set before building. The build may not be for a while, but I want to know that I’ve gotten all the parts in case I need to ask for the replacement.

Reviewing the kit reveals that Le..g0 has chosen to use a very large number of different parts, 729 different. I think that will make for a very nice build. There is also a large selection of different colors and I’m really looking forward to building this set.

The minifigures look good and, as usual, they come unassembled. The hands are quite stiff to fit in the arms. Some of the cloaks are of inferior quality but all are faithful to the set.

The color rendering of the bricks is good and meets the usual standard of Lepin, so no problem. I had 2 missing bricks that were common, for which I already had spare parts. Beware of the number of new parts in this set that could not be available elsewhere, but if there is a problem, the seller would have to help.

There were three substitutions in my set. The guitar is different, it will be delivered a more traditional acoustic version, which I will replace with the purchase of the appropriate Batman Minifigure with the right guitar. The silver pan is replaced by a silver magnifying glass, I wonder if Lepin made a mistake here. There should be a dark stone-gray keyboard (2×1 tile), which was replaced for a simple tile, again I wonder if that was a mistake of Lepin. Also, I’ve found that Nightwing’s headpiece is wrong. I was provided with the Batman hood

There is an additional page in the manual to correct some steps. Initially, Lepin suggested using 3 pieces to replace the 5x2x1 bricks but then decided to use the original pieces.


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