Quick Review LEPIN 05020 – Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor

This is the LEPIN 05020 – Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Sebastian Beyer at Germany.

Hello everybody,

Here is my first review.

About 2 months ago I found LEPIN in the search for UCS kits.
I was unsure if these kits are good. Therefore, I tried to inform myself in advance and ended up here, too.

Thank you again for the many information that I could find here !!!

So now “back to topic” ;)

To get an idea of the kits, I order Obi Wan’s Jedi Interceptor and a Dewback with Sandtrooper.
Ordered on 27.09.2016 at Dreamhouse. I could not wait to get the pieces in my hands.
Unfortunately, shipping via China Post took a long time. On 27.10.2016 the order landed with me.

(Since I was sitting on hot coals since 27.09.2016 … in the meantime I ordered the MF at Dreamhouse on 07.10.2016, delivered on 12.10.2016.) :lol:

Obi Wan’s Jedi Interceptor

First impression:

All the stones were packed in a bag. But that is not a broken leg in the few parts.
At first glance, they looked amazingly beautiful.
The only thing that was noticeable was that the stones sound a bit different when they fall on the table. Somehow, they seem to be easier. There were a few scratches on the stones here and there.
The stickers were quite thick compared to the originals.

Assembly & instructions:

As the kit arrived in a bubble wrap, the instructions were a bit crumpled.
The construction was very easy by the hand.
All stones could be blocked very well.


The figures were disassembled into individual parts. On the whole, you can not complain.
The characters look good and the pressure is very good.

Quality; missing & damaged parts:

Fortunately, there were no missing parts, everything was there! No damaged parts, apart from the scratches and the light, murky cockpit screen. Unfortunately, the launchers are virtually non-functional.
As already mentioned, the parts could be blocked very well.
Since I built the Jedi Interceptor after the MF, I even have to say that the parts of the Jedi Interceptor could be better blocked than those of the MF. But maybe that’s just because of the different parts and the big difference in size.


All in all a nice model. The kit worked well together. Everything is fine … I am very satisfied.

Surely you could have bought the Jedi Interceptor also in the original. My first priority was the first experience with LEPIN. So I wanted to test a little model.

Now a few photos …

[external picture] [external picture] [external picture] [external picture]


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