Quick Review LEPIN 20015 – Bucket Wheel Excavator

This is the LEPIN 20015 – Bucket Wheel Excavator Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Matthias Bauer at Germany.

Finally, the last package arrived today: the Bucket Wheel Excavator :D
The price difference to the set from Le..g0 is not that big, but after I did not get any anymore because it was sold out, I accessed China – LEPIN 20015.
Quick Review LEPIN 20015 - Bucket Wheel Excavator
Quick Review LEPIN 20015 – Bucket Wheel Excavator

Admittedly, I did not want to leave it up to build the set without control and only with one engine … But I will later open a new topic under MOD.

As you can see in the pictures, there were a total of 5 packages that arrived day after day.
When I threw everything in a pile today, I was quite astonished:

– 54 bags, one with a large motor + Technic Power Functions linear screw cylinder
– Sticker

In total it should be +3929 parts.

Bauanleitubg I have left away for the following reasons:

1. Reduce the weight of the consignment
2. Reduce the risk of destruction.

Currently, all the bags are still closed, except one who probably went on the transport, so everything went great

For the tires, I can say in advance that they look really good; Not as smooth as the carousel.

As soon as I set up this monster for Christmas with my son, I will post some pictures, as well as list pros and cons.
If you want to know something special, I can gladly with text and pictures try to respond.


Since it was criticized that the Beams etc. Very sheep edged I have almost all looked at me exactly ” The problem I know of Decool as well as the discoloration of the black part ”

I could not find anything life threatening, Super The world is saved :D
As a small comparison, right originals parts left Lepin to build I would like to say I have downloaded the originals and with the help of this guide, I have built 1: 1, no difference.
The truck I left out for the time being with the fear that possibly missing parts
here are some pictures of the setup
At one point, it did not quite fit but pulled back just when everything was connected
The heart”
A very nice technique that costs a lot of time and accuracy.
My observation was or is and I’m talking about me…
Better mature ” Unfortunately, no photo, forget ”
Beams do not color anymore
Beams are not edgy sheep
XL engine still squeak
Gears still a bit too weak, one of me is broken.
The underframe without shovel etc I’ve got to drive, as soon as the other was on it has been very difficult with an Lxxx XL engine it ran a little better, but partly stuttering.
However, this problem is also known as the original ” At least according to some contributions to follow ”
That means for me as planned to equip all motions with motors so some may have to go out, unfortunately…


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