Quick Review LEPIN 05060 – Naboo Starfighter – UCS

This is the LEPIN [] 05060 – Naboo Starfighter – UCS Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Dennis Krause  at Germany.

Today my chrome Naboo Starfighter has arrived and I would like to tell you only very briefly because it is indeed only a very small set :paket:
I had pre-ordered at “China JD Ltd Company Store” in mid-February, but the set has only been available for a few days.

The first enthusiasm came to me, as I saw the very good condition of the chrome parts because there were reports that it would be no real chrome coating (ie not really reflective) and the surfaces were quite scratched. When it comes to quality, you do not have to worry about taking the chrome plating into your own hands:


In the two large parts in front of the cockpit, you can see fine scratches, but the engines are really flawless and I do not think somehow that the Danish original was consistently as flawless as a mirror.
Incidentally, the stones on which the chrome coating on it are different colors, so are the two large parts in front of the cockpit originally red (you can see on the bottom) and the rear parts of the engines are originally gray.

After a good quarter of an hour of construction, the end result looks like this:


I have to say that I’m pretty excited!

– perfect clamping force, the chrome-plated parts can be installed without any problems, contrary to expectations (this is known differently from coated minifigures)
– Unfortunately, the structure is too short and is really fun, you will not notice at any time that it is a replica
– At the stand, the clamping force is so good that I really had to spend power to get the technology rods in there
– The cockpit stones and the robot are printed, also there are a few small stickers, which I have waived
– There are 4 engineering rods of length 4 left, which actually do not exist in this set
– If you really wanted to complain, it’s the smooth turntable under the robot and the fact that the two big chrome parts were not packed separately

Anyone who even thinks about getting this set should strike, Lepin rocks and has my blessing :rock::notworthy:


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