Quick Review LEPIN 15017 – Starbucks and the bookstore

This is the LEPIN 15017 – Starbucks and the bookstore Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Space Brick at Germany.


So, in the beginning, I was not sure 110 € to pay for a LEPIN Modular but … it’s worth it.
Many MANY details inside, printed hardware, about 4500 stones, etc…

The living room table could reach its limits during assembly!
The bags are packed as always with LEPIN fewer construction stages but by Steinart / Noppenzahl. If you line up the bags roughly according to the number of nubs (a row with 1er bricks, 1er slabs, 1er tiles, the second row of 2er bricks, 2er slabs, 2er tiles and so on) you can still get ahead quickly.
The clamping force of the stones is equal to LEG0. Transparency of the discs is not yet approachable to LEG0, but in my view is sufficient. The transparent stones a little worse. (by the way, never seen SOVIET big discs in a model 🙂

The manual looks a bit higher quality than usual. 144 pages, stable spine, front and back in high gloss.
A foldable revision in which minor bugs have been improved (eg wrong part numbers, etc.) is also included. But that does not mean that you do not have one or the other error on your way ;)
Also with the assembly of the bookshelves, the instructions with the coloring came to its limits. Granted, at 5, FIVE different green levels, no wonder. But think there would be synonymous with some LEG0 BA can not cope with. Finally, I would give the BA a good 2+.

[external picture]

Also a set of stickers was back. These are optically perfect. Printed transparent adhesive film. Unfortunately very thin. If you are not careful about the thing, you run the risk of tearing one of them at the edges!
For a short while, the Gadanke came to me: “Why is LEPIN even copying LEG0’s mistakes here? Even the round 1’s (coffee cups) are printed with the Starbucks logo, why do not they just print everything and just leave the sticker trash …”

Mug printed, white 8s with sticker:

[external picture]

In the forum was sometimes asked for pictures with other Modulars. For the sake of comparative size … people the thing is HUGE.
Almost like a Ghostbusters fire station! Here’s the escalator in the Grand Emporium:

[external picture]

Unfortunately, in order to use it with other Modulars you have to deviate a bit from the blueprint. In the original, the curb is a stone high. So 2 plates + tiles. Of course this does not fit, but it can easily be bypassed. The black street at the back entrance is also over in the modular network.

[external picture]

Again to the size. The bookstore is so wide that the back door still fits past the PETSHOP, even if the buildings are flush at the front!
Even otherwise smaller Modulars look almost tiny if they stand next to it :lol:

[external picture] [external picture]

Finally, a few pictures of the interior. Oh yes, the first floor of course has a floor. Here only the tiler was not there yet ;)

[external picture] [external picture] [external picture]


Material stones: 1- (still the LEPIN seats, transparency, a broken stone under 4500! 2-3 missing parts [Could have also been due to my conversion …])

Sticker: 3- (WHY, WHY only …)

Instructions: 2+ (Good material quality, comprehensible, with revision [if not sufficient], color fastness..Ok, with 20 shades in a shelf, I’ll take that down.)

Details: 1 Many little scenes with loving details. Which of course we owe to the builder and not LEPIN ;)

Building fun: 2+ Huge. From the first to the last floor.

All pictures here again in big at Flickr:
LEPIN Bookstore on Flickr


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