Quick Review LEPIN 21014 – Fashion Retro Beetle (10252)

This is the LEPIN 21014 – Fashion Retro Beetle (10252) Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Luca Dresner at Germany.

Values fellow builders,

I will briefly say something about history. If you are not interested, just scroll down to the stop (or a mod takes pity and just kills Fred :mrgreen::mrgreen: ).

First of all: Because of my job, I have not got to building yet. But it itches me in the fingers to announce that it is (finally) available.

So, from here you can scroll,:rock:

Aaaalso, a few weeks before my wedding, the maid of honor of the bride came to visit. She fell in love with my original Wall-E. So, what does a good groom do? He’s got her one, from Lepin.
And she still loves him.
But since I had a bad conscience to a seller, because of 20 euros pack a package, blabla, I thought, I’ll see what else you can discover.
I saw him there. The old retro beetle. I found him then, 2008, already mega. But could not scratch the necessary coal together. Then it was too late and now it’s only at fantasy prices …

Anyway, I think, 20 and 54 euros, together in a package. Fits.
Only I did not convince the idiot that it was a Presale … So I’ve just preordered the Beetle. But only gathered when I got a message from the seller, that it is still in production and I would like to please extend the processing time :wallbash: ,
Well, what the hell … I wanted him back then. Then it does not matter for a few weeks …

At some point, I then saw in other shops that the presale changes to Actuals. So I assumed that the dear friend then sometimes comes so slowly in the heels and sends the bug … Nope …
Only when I asked politely (really … I was really nice), I got the answer that he packed it the next day and handed it over to his shipping agent.
From then on hats took another week until I had a tracking number … I will probably never get used to this coziness …

So, then STOP :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Ordered (pre-ordered) on: 13.06.
Store: Lepinbricks Store (wanted to try another store)
Shipping service provider: Originally via ePacket. In the end, it was SF Express.
Shipped on: 04.07.
Arrived: Today on 14.07. :paket: Thus it was really fast and absolutely smoothly on the way. No extra fees, no customs, no theater, no nothing. Tracking worked really well from the beginning :thumup:
Price: 54.39 Euro including shipping.

Unpacked earlier and kept your nose clean. No stink, nothing. Neutral scent nothing. Even though I’m amazed at how the Chinese can stuff such a small box …

The instructions make a valuable impression. Aie smells somehow after the stadium books from the Bundesliga. Not bad. I even like the scent :mrgreen:

Quick Review LEPIN 21014 - Fashion Retro Beetle (10252)

She was neatly stuffed. So a part is bent. Bissi squeeze between books and everything will be fine again.

At first glance, stickers make a very good impression. Again glued on page 2 with a rag Tesa.
But, nothing kinked. Arrived absolutely unscathed.

Quick Review LEPIN 21014 - Fashion Retro Beetle (10252)

Makes a valuable impression. To what extent they differ from the original I can not answer. If anyone has comparative values, always come with it.

The stones are packed in a total of 32 bags. One of them a zipper bag.

Quick Review LEPIN 21014 - Fashion Retro Beetle (10252)

Sachets 1 to 29 perfectly numbered. Continue with 31 and 32. I suspect the zipper bag with the big plates will be number 30. I hope…

So far, it seems to be great.
The only thing I have unpacked are the tires. You hear about the Porsche tires that they should be garbage.
Unfortunately, I do not have a comparison to the Porsche tires. Find the tires but really okay. Well, they are a bit soft, although that does not have to be bad now. I’ll remember that when building …

Quick Review LEPIN 21014 - Fashion Retro Beetle (10252)

What stands out positively:
Tires and rims are very easy and quick to assemble and really easy. They just flit on it. Few seconds…
Either they learned thanks to the Porsche, or, no plan :mrgreen:

Quick Review LEPIN 21014 - Fashion Retro Beetle (10252)

I have come to this place. My mistress is the rustle of bags aufn bag, which I find the more meditative :mrgreen:

Stay tuned. Soon we will continue :thumup:

The Edith says:
I do not raffs with the smartphone … Can a mod delete the second image of the sticker at the bottom?
I have been writing Schmuh and wrote twice the instructions in there …

It’s time for bed. Even if I prefer to build. But I’m afraid my mistress then passes the divorce directly :mrgreen: Raschel rustle :mrgreen:


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