Review LEPIN 05004 Poe’s X-Wing

This is the LEPIN [] Lepin 05004 Poe’s X-Wing Real Reviews from our lovely customer nickname Stephan Austerlitz at Germany.

Since I seem to be not the only one here on the board who ordered this set as one of his first, I wanted to write a few lines about it.

My set was complete and did not cause any problems during construction:

Review LEPIN 05004 Poe's X-Wing

The hull looks very stable and the structure was also fun. Despite the similarity of the wings did not directly boredom.

Colors fit so far too.

Review LEPIN 05004 Poe's X-Wing

Somewhat left-heavy :)

Review LEPIN 05004 Poe's X-Wing

Please take a seat – your blind flight can start immediately.

Review LEPIN 05004 Poe's X-Wing

So what they thought about the helmets … :lolno: Let’s see if I still exchange, Junior does not bother.

I also seem to have gotten the first set where the hood closes:

Review LEPIN 05004 Poe's X-Wing

… because I already ordered one from Le..g0 in advance :angel: It’s not like Lepin. Since the Wing has been around for a while, Lepin does not seem interested in improvements either. Do not be surprised,

In all its beauty:

Review LEPIN 05004 Poe's X-Wing

I think the set is awesome, no wings are too deep or similar. Rockets do not work, Stud Shooter does not. The folding mechanism finds Junior super, has become his favorite aviator. He is also very stable, except for the stupid Landefuß, which is not really kid-friendly.
If you do not want to order a cockpit screen from Le..g0 you have to file at LEPINLand. The optics with an open window is really modest and in space not conducive.

Since the Resistance bomber is on the way, probably the color matching normal variant is ordered.

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